Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On "Atheism Plus".

Short version, it's a load of sanctimonious horseshit., I keep thinking I'm done with this shit, and then something else stupid happens...

Picking up from this post just about 3 weeks ago...

So, not only have the Freethought-Blogs/Skepchicks bunch started acting like a cult, they've essentially declared themselves a cult.

So, here's where the dumb idea was shat out...

Is God A Squirrel's commentary.

And, here's where Richard Carrier got taken over by the Body Snatcher pods, and became its Pat Robertson.

Is God A Squirrel again. (I think I have a crush).

My buddy, Philip, also covered this nightmare moment in history.

So, the short and sweet of it is, the FTB/SC bunch want to be considered "the third wave", of atheism, (the first being David Hume, Bertrand Russel, etc, the second being Dawkins, Dennet, Hitchens, Harris).

Why is this "third wave", necessary?
Too many old white guys, not enough, you guessed it, militant feminists.

Also, Carrier says (but so do his cohorts) that, well, if you're not with them, you're against them.
That, if you don't join their rotten club, then you must be anti-feminist, pro-racist, pro-homophobia, etc, etc.

Um, well, fuck you, Richard Carrier.
With a red rubber dick.

To reiterate what I said last time...

Puritanism, and commandments, are for religions.
Kinda why I booted that junk out of my life in the first place.

No one died, and made you Pope of fuckin' atheism, Carrier.

Also, this "with us or against us", bullshit didn't fly when it sharted out of Dubya Bush's pie-hole.
Fascinating that you lot have gleefully taken on the rhetoric of that nightmare clique of chuckle-heads.

When do the armbands get passed out, eh?

Let me make it clear, I DO believe in equal rights for everyone.

I just don't want to join your awful club.
It's full of shitty people who've behaved disgustingly, I want no part of them.

And, I don't want to, nor do I have to, answer to you.

You're an asshole, Richard Carrier.
I don't hang out with assholes, it's really that simple.

And the rest of you lot?
Fuck you, fuck your whining, fuck your tears, fuck your drama, fuck your fevered egos, fuck your middle-class privilege, fuck your entitlement, and fuck your first-world problems.

Tarzan yell about "feminism", when you're shoveling money towards female driving instructors in Afghanistan, or something.

Stuffing your own wallets with ad-click revenue isn't the same thing.


Steve Zara said...


Philip said...

I'd still maintain Carrier is an incredible historian whose books I'd encourage everyone to read.

It just smacks of hypocrisy that he says all these things when he is an expert on a period of history that had all this horseshit going on.

1st Century, the poor bastards didn't know any better and it was basically a whole bunch of weirdos running around saying if you ain't with us you are against us

You would have thought that 20 centuries later someone would have cottoned on to the fact that it doesn't work.

Silly fool, he really is.

Fuck you Watson, this is all your fault!

Diacanu said...

Well, Philip, I think you have to look at Richard Carrier the way the South Park kids looked at Chef after he had his mind scrambled by "Super Adventure Club".

Enjoy your memories of who he used to be, carry his wisdom within you...but also know, that person is gone now.

Super Adventure Club ate him up.

AllanW said...

This post is 100% right. Everything. All of it.

Nice job.

Diacanu said...

Cheer up, 2012 me.

Here's the happy conclusion.

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