Saturday, August 25, 2012

Re-sequenced Photons (Part 5)

All right, this seems to be working...

Before, the label list wouldn't even fit into a single screencap...

...but, with Jokes, Doc, Audio, and Slogan series gone, it fits (tightly) into a screengrab....

....and, with Innerspace gone... can see it all with elbow room.

So, up next.....


Eh, I dunno, unlike most of Innerspace, some actual good moments sprinkled in here....but, still writing my way out of depression.
I won't take back that there's a lot of American dick-waving bullshit culture around how this is all handled though.

I think it really all comes down to...these are all just fucking feelings, but America treats them like THINGS out there in the world to be bought with success.

There, see, I didn't have to write those long ass rambles.

Then, I threw a bunch of other annoying junk in....

Aaand, there.

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