Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy 9th Freddy vs. Jason day!!!

Ahhh, finally, it's here!!

So, wow, lot went on since the last one.

Compiling all the Freddy related stuff for that one led me to do "I love the Freddys", which spun out into the whole Halloween horror review fest, which expanded out into Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which expanded out into "En-Mike-Lopedia".

So, I got a lot of miles out of that, and now we're back here, full circle.

I dunno, while year 8 was an okay homage,  looking back, I always felt like it was sorta thrown together.

So, let's do it up right this time.

So, here again is my memory of seeing it at the theater in 2003.

Freddy Vs. Jason

I've talked about this one a lot...

You can tell it's one of my favorite fucking movies, huh?
Not much more to say about it that I haven't already.

Um...the Robert Englund commentary is good.
He makes up for lost time for not being in the other commentaries, there's trivia of all 8 flicks squeezed in there.
Yep, this one's a treasure.

I went by myself to see this at the theater, and I was so jazzed by it, I was practically high, and the drive home felt like riding a fucking cloud.
I remember it literally like it was yesterday.
Every time I fire up the DVD, I'm right there again.

Also, this came out a year short of the 20th anniversary of the first "Nightmare".
The 10th got "New Nightmare", and "Never Sleep Again", came out a year late for the 25th.

Wonder if there'll be anything for the 30th...
Hope so..
S'only 3 years away now 'y'know.

When I die, cremate me, mix me with plastic, press me out into a DVD, and burn this flick onto me.
Do me up with a nice label and case too.

Although, now, it'd probably be a DVD-ROM of Harry Hembock, and my future works.
Squeeze an AVI rip of FvJ on there if ya can...

Here's a re-creation kinda sorta, of that experience...

My favorite part starts at 34 seconds in!
The train of pain!


Now, end credits!!

*Hops up and down in imaginary flashback of theater*


*Headbangs almost to the point of shaken-baby syndrome*

...and Ill Nino's "how can I live", was there too...

Um, what else?

Oh, yeah, this....

Also, for the first time, the famous (in fan circles) Peter Briggs draft of Freddy vs. Jason.
(From the period where we thought the project had died, and this was all we were getting)

And...that's it.
That pretty much encompasses the whole saga of my wait for the flick, and it delivering.
(Although the Briggs version would have been interesting too..)

Damn...what am I gonna do for the 10th anniversary?

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