Sunday, August 12, 2012

On this day in the past, August 12th.

Something to fill the slow days when my big project posts are taking too long to ferment, and the deadlines for calendar-sensitive goodies are too painful to wait out.


"Trek Nation", William Shatner's "The Captains", and "Invaluable", were in gestation.

"Trek Nation", was *wavey hand* ehhhh.
Good if you're a new fan, long-timers who've read up have heard all of this stuff.

"The Captains",..ehh...worth one watch, and then you're done.
Best part is Avery Brooks acting wacky.

Still no hide-nor-hair yet of "Invaluable".

Also, the Republican party had so many closet cases, it stopped being funny, and became a "set your watch by it", kind of thing.


Nothing today, but on the 4th, I'd juuust wrapped up NLHH: Dark Designs.


Nothing today, but on the 11th, I told the "redneck corner", story.


Harry beat the Bishop!

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