Monday, August 3, 2009

Inner-space part 17- Back to "Let's Recap".

All right, in the first "let's recap", I "boiled down the positive nuggets", and said it'd be the transition into my next bit of material, which this "innerspace", series has been.

So, let's see how good a job I've done.

Well, the overall message of "let's recap", was that all the crap I ranted about previously, it's solved in the individual mind, not with brute force, and stubborn dogmatic adherence to whatever political/religious dogma one randomly chooses.

So, yeah, it's about optimism, and trying to whip up some hope, and overall encourage some rationalism.

And combine rationalism with optimism, then, like I said in part 16, it's about "taking our world back", from unreason, and lunacy.

I like to think it's doable.

So, let's look back at what I've been tirelessly building towards, and dig into that.

Well, the core idea, is changing one's outlook.
Looking at things in a new way.
I tackled some of that on a small scale in part 14.

Once you have that perspective, you can apply it on a grander scale, and make your own worlds, carve your own reality onto this miasma of a society.

And don't feel the least bit guilty, because look at the phony-reality you're unseating, it's mostly a bunch of lame bullshit.

Like I ranted in part 15 (sequel to part 1), you don't have to take what's mindlessly dumped over your head.
It's someone else's illusions, and it's been passed down from ancient dead people who clumsily fumbled all this stuff together.
You have as much right to create your world as they did.
More so, they're fucking dead.

As for the ones trapped in the illusions fed to them, well, don't fret about them, like I said in part 16, they're trapped in their own little prisons of fear, they're harmless.

Walk right on by 'em.

So, phase 1, outlook, phase 2, the practical daily life solutions from part 13.

Course, I even said in that one, the whining "patriotic", crap from parts 9 and 11 (hmm....9/11, freaky co-inky-dink) is so meaningless and dumb, to just fuck it, and avoid it.
It's more of that lizard shit.

And lizard shit has no answers, just fear, like I pointed out in the last part.

Eliminate fear, eliminate superstition, what else is left but rationalism?

And knowing all else is by definition, irrationalism, what else is there to do to it, but laugh?

Outlook, practical applications,...phase 3?

Well, that's where we REALLY take our world back.
That's where we wake up everyone, and get them to laugh.

And it starts right now, this moment, reading this blog.

Okay, got all my damned philosophy lined up, now for a GOOD rant....

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