Thursday, July 9, 2009

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

Well, the tour of the museum re-creation, anyway...

As I mentioned in a previous post, Yahoo is shutting my old stomping grounds down.

I have all the stories, and artwork ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) moved here already, so, there's not much content that needs to be saved.

Just moved "little red cars", "movie rules", and "the biggest bummy in the world", here to go with the audio versions.

So, here's a little virtual tour with screen grabs.

Here's the intro/entry page.
Worked hard on it, was proud of it, thought it was funny at the time.
Couldn't just let it pass into oblivion.

For the WF lurkers, yes, that's the origin of my Kool-Aid logo.

Okay, now here's the main front/index page.

Pretty basic, but you can see what was on there...

We're pretend-navigating this, remember?

'Kay, now here's the writing section.

You see anything on there you find interesting, I'll repost it.

I've decided I'm not going to break my ass, and bog down the blog with oldie stuff people don't want to see, so...either look on this, or look on "rants from the good old days", and if you want something, personally request it in the comments section of this post, and I'll throw it up for ya.

Lot of it's drivel, some of it's funny, got it all on notepad files, so...
But, until it's requested...

All right, here's the art section.
All the art is in the links in the third paragraph of this post, so, don't need to walk you through every page of that, or scrolling down the whole list, you can get a good enough taste from this grab.
The wallpaper pattern is in one of the art sections too.

Okay, here's the media section, that's already dead, Yahoo lost my shit.
It was junk anyway.
See anything you like though, I'll re-enact it for ya as an audioblog.

Here's where the winamp skins were.
Lotta hard work went into those, and this page.
Yahoo doesn't care though.
All those are in the "computer art", section though.
Well, the pics of the skins, anyway.
You want the real things, I'll retrieve 'em, and you can request 'em like everything else, and I'll e-mail you the files.

Here's the links page.
Pretty generic, but I include it for completeness's sake.

I was gonna rebuild all the links here, or in another there I either go to, or haven't re-bookmarked, or can't Google up on a whim.

Lot of the sites there are dead now.

Heh, look, Google was new, I actually thought it important enough to link, everyone has it built in their browser now.

So, that's it.
It's there until October, but after that, poof.
So, if you're reading this after October of 2009, that was the little site that was.
The seeds of Diacanu.

All those teardrops in the rain....

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Diacanu said...

Oh, and just remembered!
The "annoying midi", on the entry page is/was Journey's "separate ways".

Hmm...fitting, I'm being divorced from Geoshitties.

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