Wednesday, June 10, 2009

History of the internet part 1.5- My 'Puters.

My chariots through cyberspace.

First, there was my 30 MHz SX shitbox I mentioned in part 1.

The one in the picture isn't it, but it's a fair approximation.
Generally the same, but the 3.5 drive was grey.
Also, there was an empty drive slot next to where the 5.25 drive is shown, where I added the CD-ROM.
But, that's basically the configuration.

This thing is long dead.
Upgraded the 30 SX to a 50 DX, then got the next 'puter, passed it along to my mother, who had it "rebuilt", which essentially meant gutting it, putting the guts in a new case, and changing most of the guts.
So...all that was left was the monitor, mouse, and 5.25 drive.

Radical refit.
The rest went to the dump.
Then the refit version was replaced, so even that's gone.

Okay, then came this baby, still have it.
Got it in '97, and I still use it for emergency backup, and to run my dinosaur of a scanner.
Couldn't find a pic with the whole system together, but that tower with that monitor.

J-world, anime boards, TrekBBS, and WF all happened on this one.

Course, I've since replaced the monitor a couple times, and the printer a couple times too.
Could use another printer in fact,, I find I don't really print much.
But anyhoo, that tower keeps plugging along.

Ahhh, then came this baby.
Won this in a writing contest with a lovely little erotica story.
It served me well.
Got a lot done with it.
My first forays into happened on this one.

Made it almost a year and a half before it died on me.
Had a hardrive fizzle out on it, which I replaced, then the motherboard fried, and that was it.
Tragic loss, haunts me to this day.

That bumped me back onto the Packbell for awhile, and that's where I wrote the first chunk of this blog, as mentioned again, in part 1.

And now, I'm on this little honey.

I kinda miss the video output cable, the front LCD power/status readout, and the 3.5 disk drive on the old one, but the significantly lighter weight, bigger clearer screen, easier to get at (and more numerous) USB plugs, the CD/DVD burner, bigger hardrive, faster processor, etc, etc, more than make up for those little things.

So, that fills out the computer lineage, and brings it up to date.
Definitely like laptops better than desktops.
Gonna stick with 'em I think.


JA said...

Hey - I have the HP Pavillion, too! It's pretty fantastic.

But why miss the 3.5 disk drive? Do you still use them? Seems antiquated to me.


Diacanu said...

Yeah, I know, with USB and internet uploading, they're pretty obsolete, but ya never know when I might wanna get something out of those old disks...

...seems unlikely though...when am I going to want to play Commander Keen, or Hugo's House Of horrors ever again?

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