Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inner-space part 18- All Right, Let's Wrap This Shit Up.

Well, looking back on this rambling little series of rants, I think I really had it all worked out with part 3.

Read that one again, that's the good one. ;)

But y'know me, anal retentive, gotta make sure I really hammer the shit home.
Well, pretty damned sure I did.

Plus, I dunno, I was searching for a little something extra.

Well, some of it was good.
At least I enjoyed writing it.
Liked recapping and updating the slogan rants, even though no one else seemed to give a shit.

And I thought the "fighting back", thing was funny and possibly helpful.

But, what the fuck do I know?

Anyway, sorry for the slow build, but like I said, I was was searching for something.
But, I really had it all nailed with 3.

Fuck this fake fucking world, it all needs to be laughed into oblivion.

Because, look at the alternative.
Look at the world when you don't.

You catch a lot of shit sometimes from some very nasty humorless people, but it's worth the price.

You've got to fuck with these constipated fucking people, we can't really have a good world to live in unless we do.

Again, look at the world when you don't, and look look at the history these people have made that we've had to wrestle free from.

Rebel, subvert, prank, gag, goof, throw in a monkey wrench, resist.

Fucking resist.

With everything you've got.

Find a way to do it every day.

Screw with authority.

Not randomly, and chaotically, like a fucking little anarchist.
Then society decays, and you end up like the Heath Ledger Joker, and then the barbarian morons end up running the show.

Go after the assholes.
The ones that want to put a boot on your neck in the name of their ego.
The ones that hate to laugh.
That need to suppress everything in order to control it, in order to fill the emptiness in themselves.

Or, maybe all this ranting to you folks is futile.
Maybe only freaks like me can do this special work.
Maybe everyone else is trapped in a situation where they have to play nice, or get fired.

Yeah, that's probably the score.

That's probably how we've ended up like this.

Most people are in financial chains.

Land of the free.

...no, I don't back down from it, I don 't give up.

There's ways to subvert, there's ways to resist.

In a thousand subtle little ways, even if it's just inside your own head.

Don't...take it!

Don't...stand for it!

These fucking people, who think they own your time, that think they own your minds, that think they own your votes, fuck 'em.

Fuck 'em.

Fuck their moving, their breathing, their very fucking blinking patterns.

Fuck 'em.

They're a joke, their world is a joke, it's hilarious, parody it, mock it, laugh your ass off at it, laugh every day of your limited life on this asshole planet, and fucking enjoy every moment of it in defiance of these human tumors.

Fuck 'em.

If I haven't beaten home in excruciating detail with logical deconstruction, how fucked up this society has gotten thanks to greed, ignorance, fear, and superstition, I really haven't done my job.

And I consider this my job, I don't give a fuck what society says.

I'm a comedian, I claim the title, I didn't choose it, it chose me.

Like I said way back here, it's a noble tradition, and I'm happy to carry it on.

You never regret a damned thing doing this work, at least I don't.

Let's see a fucking banker, or a paper shuffler at an HMO say that.

I dunno, I set out to make this segment of materiel a bunch of positive philosophical affirmations, and I ended up back in the negative a bunch of times....

...but you know what? It IS positive to point out the truth, and the truth is often ugly, scary, and stupid.

But I want the big take-away from these 22 little rants to be, you don't have to take it.

This is YOUR world.

Not theirs.

There's no fucking price tag on your fucking D.N.A.

This economy is an illusion, no one fucking owns you, corporations exist at your pleasure, not the other way around.

Power is an illusion, these horrible politicians throw themselves around on the world, but in the end, they get old, they get cancer, and fucking die, and their horrible criminal life's work gets deleted, it's all a fucking illusion.

It's all an illusion.
It's all bullshit.
Don't be afraid.

The joke is on them, not you.

You can take it all back with just your mind.

Yeah, that's the positive take away.

That's the upbeat message I was clumsily fumbling towards, and had vaguely planned from the first one.

Whelp, I thought then, I had to be more upbeat, and philosophical, and be about constructive positive affirmations, what with the frustration and anger I'd just left behind with the slogan series, and I guess there was some validity to that.

At the time.

I'd just gotten done with a pretty caustic barrage, I gotta admit.

But, that's done now.

After walking through the process, I see the mission ahead, and now know I gotta get back to the ranty-ranting.

Because tearing down the bad IS constructive, IS positive.

I've covered the big overarching themes, now I've got to zoom in on all the little daily injustices.
The every day stupidity.
There's a lot of it to go through, so I'll have no shortage of material.

So, up next, pissed off rants.

Joyous, healing, affirmative, constructive, pissed off fucking rants.
Like a warming hug.

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