Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shmegalamonga's Greatest Hits.

Compiled based on most commented on, and most clicked on Feedjit, with a sprinkle of stuff I liked writing the best...

Shrieks from the wall #6
("There's nothing to know", and a couple others)

Postcards from Podsville #8.

(On the homeopathic properties of blasphemy)

Inner-space part 3- Laughter, our natural defense against bullshit.

Inner-space part 2- The Descent Of Bullshit.

Inner-space part 1- A Quickie tour Of The Brain.

Atheism and existentialism.

Let's Fast Forward.

Dicky-Pedia: The Rant (and audio version)

They need to be herded.

The biggest bummy in the world!! (and audio version)

Movie Rules (and audio version)

Little Red Cars (and audio version)

Some random audio foolishness.

The Irrational Atheist.

"Atheism/science/secularism destroys myth/imagination".
(A.K.A The Scooby Rant)

The problem of "eternity".

At what price comfort?

Why the whole "Hell", idea perturbs me.

The Batshit Files. (and audio version)

The talk I wish someone had given me as a kid.

Francisco's money speech, by Ayn Rand- Nitpicked.
(A.K.A The Ayn Rand Rant)

Quickie Rant On Theology.

The War On Bullshit. (Mission statement for the blog)

Meaningless Slogans 7- Let's Bring It All home.
(and audio version)

Meaningless Slogans 5- "You hate America!!".

Meaningless Slogans 4- Superstitions.

Meaningless Slogans 3- "Elitism", more homespun bullshit.

Meaningless Slogans 2- Advertising. (and audio version)

Meaningless Slogans. (and audio version)

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