Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inner-space part 13- Elvis has left the building!

The original.

Okay, this is the one where I drew the slogan series to a finale, by tying not just all the slogan series topics, but all the prior rants, and thus the whole damned blog up to that point together.

Kind of a Dicky-Pedia rant for the whole blog.

Took me almost a month to pound that together.

Well, let's do a smaller version of that with these slogan recaps.

But first, lets start with the overarching point I made with slogans 7.
After all, this is the revisiting of that topic.

Well, the basic premise of that one was, bullshit wastes our potential as a people and a species, and there's no fucking need of it.
If there is a need for it, we're fucked.
But I don't think so.

Then, I went on to say I'd be lashing out at that mindset with stubborn hope, and that's what I've been doing with this "inner-space", chapter.

So, full circle. :)

So, with these slogan series recaps, I've been sifting out positive things one can do about the bullshit.

Meaningless slogans?
Read and participate in the internet.
Learn and practice critical thinking.

Tune out the stupid ads (I'll have more creative/fun ways to do this coming up next).
Hold irresponsible corporations to account by boycotting them.
Use the internet to organize boycotts.
Use the internet for investigative journalism to catch out irresponsible corporations, and spread the word about them.

Cries of "elitism"?
Fuck 'em.
It's an appeal to ignorance.
People who make it are insecure, or brainwashed, or both.
Guiltlessly ridicule the stupid, especially if they mean harm, and/or seek power.
Use the internet to catch out their shenanigans, and spread the word.
And again, keep it up with the critical thinking.


Same as the answer to meaningless slogans.
That, and laughter.

Cries of "you hate America"?
Fuck 'em.
Same as "elitism!", more brainwashed insecurity bullshit.
Those two are all part of the meaningless slogan mess.
Just mindless indoctrinated obedience crap.
See the answers to meaningless slogans, and superstitions.

Vidya games?
Harmless, possibly even beneficial, if you mentally sift out the military shilling.
Consider that aspect another layer of advertising, and handle it the same way.
Again, I'll expand on this next.

So there, not just complaining, but solutions.
Something else my critics can blow out their asses.

And it all boils down to thinking.

Goes back to "let's recap", and the start of "innerspace".

These battles are won in the mind.
You can't shoot bullshit.
It has to be thunk away.

Well, we're doing that now, you and I.

Thanks for letting me be your tour guide thus far. :)

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