Friday, July 31, 2009

Inner-space part 16- TBB vs. KK & G: A- 2: Cleanup Operation.

Phew, mouthfull of a title, eh?

Okay, so, 10 rants later, we're back to this one.

So, where'd we leave off?

We speculatively supposed, what if The Bullshit Busters succeeded in busting King-Kong and Godzilla, what would the world look like?

Well, we quickly figured out, you can't kill Godzilla, so you'd have to build a society to pen Godzilla in, and try to make him behave, and this has pretty much already been done, but at the cost of a lot of bullshit.

So, I concluded, a society that values liberty can't be having people in mental shackles, people need to know the score, so, we need a society minus the bullshit.

So, I recapped the slogan rants, and gave ways to recognize, avoid, and dismantle the bullshit.
Which I condensed into this one rant here.

All of which pretty much answered the questions I set out on with the first of these inner-space rants, so, I brought that full circle in the last rant, and now we're back up to here.

So, that takes care of the bullshit, now back to "Godzilla".

Well, I already had that largely covered in the recap for "meaningless slogans".

It pretty much comes down to, power is given to the powerful by the stupid.
That's what power is, lying to the dumb.

Society herds "Godzilla", but "Godzilla", is a minority of dickheads and morons, and we all suffer bullshit because of them.
Both the smart, and the harmless morons who manage not to be dickheads.

So, if you're a violent reactive moron, next time you pitch a fit about traffic, or the lines at the DMV, know it's all because of you.
It's yours, you earned it, enjoy.

But, just because society was made to cage you, doesn't mean we're going to let it be geared to you.

That's how we got The Politics Of Godzilla, and well, fuck you, enough of that shit.

It's been a crashing failure, the lies are exposed, and there's no more bullshit arguments to shore it up anymore.
It's been disinfected by sunlight.

So, moving along, how to pen the lizard-brained in once and for all?

Well, the Obama-hate shit is keeping their stubby little typing fingers busy.
Let 'em have at it.
Long as they're busy with that stupid shit, they ain't out punching a woman, or filling a terrier up with firecrackers.
Hell, while they're at it, let 'em write a bunch of shit about brown people, and the homeless too.
Long as they're writing it, they ain't doing it.

Once again, the internet proves useful.
This time, as a Godzilla cage.
The Bullshit Buster Containment Unit.

The forums, the blogs, the more there are, the more this toxic crud gets sponged up, and rendered harmless.

Fuck, it's only a damned shame there was no internet in 1930's Germany.
The harm that could've been prevented.
Just saying.

So, anyhoo, while they're busy in their self-imposed little mental prisons, let's set about spreading the Light Of Reason, and taking our damned world back.

Well, again, society may be geared downward to this lower 80% to contain the lower 20% of lunatic assholes, but that doesn't mean you and I have to put up with it.

All the meaningless slogan shit, that's the poisonous lava that vomits perpetually from the heads of the herded.

Fuck it, fuck them.
Avoid it.
It's not for you.

All you and I can hope for, is to wake up as many people out there we can, and maybe lower that percentage down, and take some of the power away from the herders.

Because, again, the herder class has been infested with Godzillas.

Gotta look out for that.
Eternal vigilance, and all that jazz.

Everything above, including the linked rants, that's the phase 2 I mentioned in the last one.
Especially the bit about taking our world back.

That, and what comes next.
So, on to that....

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