Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inner-space part 9- "Elitism", STILL homespun bullshit.

The original.

Whelp, the elections are past, and Joe The Plumber has slithered back into his sewer grate, so you don't hear this "elitist", crap being flung about anymore.

There's fresh new fear to bark at.

So, let's look back at this shit from the vantage of almost a year ago.

Whelp, like I said in the first of these slogan rant recaps, looking it over, I don't take any of this shit back.

Still as valid now.

Insecurity, fears, political manipulation, credulous masses, anti-intellectualism, all still a problem.

And we ended up with a crazy retard for vice president, but they largely keep him locked up in the time out room, rather than trotted out as the show-pony the other crazy retard would've been.

Oh, wait, she's still trotting...nevermind...

Anyway, what to do about this shit?

Well, same thing I concluded last time, keep pimping critical thinking, and enlightenment.

And tear down the illusions that separate people from their potential.

Since I wrote what's now the prequel to this, I think I've covered all the big ones.

All the big sources of bullshit brainwashing, and toxic head-games.

Religion, politics, advertising, culture, media, and day to day fucking assholes in your fucking life.
And sex hangups.
Wish I'd thrown that in with the slogan rants, but eh, whaddya gonna do?
And I covered the others in the slogan rants.
And a bunch of the other rants, which I boiled down into the 7th rant.

So, I've kept talking, and I'll keep talking.
Keep doing my special work.

Not much more to add to this one.

Except, y'know, if it was too oblique for you last time, I hate Sarah Palin.

Sorry, don't like the idea of anti-science morons too close to supreme executive power.
I'm funny like that.

I'm relieved, and emboldened that I don't have to vomit blood for the next 4 years.
So, that's always good.

Sorry I didn't have a special extra "innerspace", take on this particular rant, but eh, it's because I've been doing a pretty good job.

Talk about power of the internet, and people with minds, Sarah Palin.
It's working.

You're welcome.

We can pretty much keep kicking the forces of stupid from there.

So yeah, no down note on this one.

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