Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inner-space part 6- The Bullshit Busters vs. King-Kong & Godzilla: Aftermath.

So, let's now fast-forward this little allegorical narrative to it's desired conclusion, and see where it takes us.

And so, the bullshit busters all got together, and aided by time-copies of various extraordinary persons, and armed with Tesla-built super-weapons...

.....toasted Godzilla....

....and flattened King-Kong.

...but now what?

The beasts that have buggered up human history for so long were finally toppled, humbled, and caged, but now what?

What to do with them?

Godzilla is obviously the nastier of the two, having such a hard time playing well with others.
He'd need to be dealt with first.

Well...what? Kill him?

Well, no, he's the limbic brain, what do you do, run around lobotomizing people?
Doctor Mengela time, nope.

Besides, even if you could dull the Godzilla impulses in humanity with a pill or something, it would fuck up humanity.
Sure, those drives cause the occasional woman to get punched around the kitchen now and again, but they also have our drive, ambition, passion, and romance.

Tough to sift out.

Perhaps breed it out?
Select for people with bigger "Jet Jaguar", lobes, and/or smaller Godzilla lobes so they'll be more in control, and less apt to be sent to the special camp?
Nope...then we're in eugenics town, and back to Mengela.

Well, then we'll just have to construct a system to manage these impulses, to guide them, to give them outlets.

Which is what poor King-Kong took a stab at.....

A sloppy, sad, primitive, monkey-imagined stab at it.

Nice try, King-Kong, heckuva try, but entropy converted it to bullshit pretty fucking quick.

Hence the need for Bullshit Busters.

And what to do with King-Kong?
Can't lobotomize out the bullshitter lobes without killing human imagination, innovation, hopes, dreams, etc.

So, the emergent Jet Jaguar properties are forever trapped, between bullshit, and fear.

What to do?
Can anything be done?

Well, we know from the simple act of humor, bullshit bubbles can be popped.

So bullshit can be opposed.

If it can be opposed , it can be whupped, if it can be whupped from without, it can be whupped from within, if it can be whupped from within on a mass scale, it can be mitigated and controlled.

And without bullshit, Godzilla is sunk.

Without bullshit, all Godzilla has in his intellectual arsenal is "RAARRRRR!!!", and try winning a debate with that shit.

Humor is more merciless to Godzilla than it is to King-Kong.

But, it doesn't have to be humor, everyone can't be a comedian.
But, humor, as observed before, is the consequence of applying observation, and critical examination to human behavior, but particularly the bullshit.

So, not everyone can be a comedian, but everyone can be a critical thinker.

Well, not everyone.

There will always be these natural born limbic-thinkers.
If you can call that thinking.

And your natural born bullshitters.

And stuck in between them, the credulous.

And some of the credulous, you can cure, but a lot you can't.

So, what you can try to do, is at least keep them out of the jaws of Godzilla.
And/or sinking in a lagoon of bullshit.

And that goes back to Bullshit Busting, and I and others are already doing what we can there.

But that still leaves you with what to actually do with King-Kong, and Godzilla.

Well, when a Baby Godzilla gets out of line, you can send him away to Special Camp, and we already do that.

But what to do in the way of prevention?

Well, some people are just too fucked up to be fixed, and you can't catch 'em all in time, they're gonna be naughty, and they're going to have to be sent to Special Camp afterward.

The sad part is the victims.
Ya can't save 'em all.
If ya could, there'd be no need for Special Camp.

Now, a lot of Baby Godzillas find religion in Special Camp, so maybe King-Kong was on to something.'s a sloppy system to put it mildly.
It doesn't work on all the Baby Godzillas, and it sprays like a shotgun, and hits innocent targets.
It saddles innocent people who would never in their life have to worry about being sent to Special Camp with fear and guilt.

And those twin fangs of fear and guilt suck the joy out of your life.

And why? Because ages ago King-Kong couldn't tell who the Dahmers were, so lazily decided to pepper everyone?

Nope, reeks of bullshit, folks.

Gotta be a better way.

The Baby Godzillas that religion theoretically keeps in line, they've gotta be a tiny fingerful of the population.

When you even do the math sloppily with lots of averaging, and rounding, it doesn't even come in close for religion's favor of being an efficient system for mitigating the nastier limbic impulses.

It's doing a baaad fucking job.

So, sorry, King-Kong, nice try, good intentions, but it's Jet-Jaguar's turn.

Okay, so let's imagine the world as a blank sheet of paper, and let's start over.

You've got Godzilla, and King-Kong, and we can't kill 'em.

And the bullshit King-Kong came up with to herd Godzilla doesn't work so well.

And all we've got for the worst Godzilla-cases, is Special Camp.

More critical thinking, and humor would deflate a lot of it.
And the internet can help spread that.

But, you've still got your bullshitters, and limbic-cases that fuck up society, and don't get sent to Special Camp.

A lot more politicians, clergy, and businessmen need to be going there.
But they aren't.

Now, ideally, critical thinking, and the scientific worldview, would be exalted, and a table built to it, and a hall built around the table, and a castle built around the hall, and a city built around the castle, and we would gild it all in gold, and call it Camelot.

And we sorta tried that with America.
But...too many compromises had to be made, we kept slavery, and no one had the balls but Tom Paine to take on religion, and he got ruined for it, and..bleh....

But....slavery is gone, we've got a black president, the dialogue on religion is being opened up, the blogosphere is booming....

What else are we waiting for?

So, okay, we're starting to live in that world, yay. why are things still fucked up?

We've still got bullshitters, credulous sheep, and violent stupid assholes.

Okay, back to the blank sheet of paper...

Well, how to divert some of the violent stupid assholes, and bleed some of that off?
Well, let's jingle keys at them.
Distract them with bread and circuses.
And we already do that.

Not that everyone who engages in, or is a spectator to these things is a violent stupid asshole, but you gotta figure it dampens down the activities of such people in that they're not out on the street with idle hands.

And maybe everyone needs to blow off steam, we all have our inner-Godzilla.

So, maybe I was a little too harsh on video games.

And maybe that's part of the plan, and maybe the game programmers are on my side.
Or, some of 'em anyway.

And a good rant blows off steam, so I'm doing my part. ;)

And for a society to work, stuff needs to get done, and people like stuff, so, society should make stuff, and people need a way to get stuff, and barter is cumbersome, so let's have money.

And then we'll have jobs, and commerce, and the gears of our little world we've built on the blank piece of paper are turning, and it's all lovely.

And see, I got no beef with capitalism at that basic level.

It's when bankers, and Wall Street, and all that horseshit start to stick their dicks in, it becomes a sick stage illusion.

And not enough of those fucking people get sent to Special Camp.

But, the jobs are real, and the stuff is real, and the society made up of the turning gears is real, so, fuck those people.

Even with money being imaginary, and ruined, and assuming the worst case, that it all went to shit tomorrow, we'd have to do stuff, so we'd have to use stuff as money again, whether it were rocks, or clamshells, so why not green pieces of paper?
And why not apply that thinking to the day-to-day today?
At the cash register level, I believe in capitalism.
We all do.
So, I mentally separate our activities from the banker shit, and tune it out.
Fuck 'em.

Yeah, it's sick to watch CNBC, and watch the "oh no, the casino gamblers are a-scared, you're going to lose your real job, cuz the fake gamblers are scared!!", show.

But eh, fuck it, treat it like weather.

Well, anyhoo, with people buying shit, and going to jobs, you got less time for Godzilla to run amok.
And society's shit is getting done.

And it's already like that.

And most people play by the rules.

But....most people also buy into some brand of bullshit,...or buy into this society not on informed choice, but because of blindfolded bullshit.

Bullshit beat into you from childhood upward.

And I happen to think that's an important difference.
I think it's a difference that matters.

A nation that claims to value liberty shouldn't be seducing and/or brainwashing people.

And that's what bullshit is, and does.

And that's what the slogan rants were about.
And as part of this series, I'll be revisiting those.
Right up next, actually.

And tearing into those from this "innerspace", vantage is phase 2 for the Bullshit Busters mission.

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