Monday, July 13, 2009

Inner-space part 7- Meaningless Slogans: The Revenge!

First, the original.

Okay, I don't take any of this shit back.

All the dopey-ass slogans I tore into there, are targeted to keep you from thinking, and to get you to fall into line with the herd.

Apparently, the best that those in power could come up with to put a leash on Godzilla, was to try to leash everyone.
Yeah, that's equitable.
That's trusting you to decide what's right.
That's "liberty and justice for all".

Uh huh, yeah...

See, THAT'S elitist contempt.

Not me pointing out that bumper-sticker-patriotism is insipid child-minded bullshit.

Well, anyway, I deconstructed the fuck out of this, so I guess the plan is ruined.

Now you're all going to go out to black masses, and kill babies.



Okay, so it's bullshit.

But see, I think there's a place for patriotism.
Fine, love your country.

But see, the way they should get you to love this country, is to make it a country worthy of being loved.

And you don't do that with zombie indoctrination.

People who really love you, don't seduce and brainwash you.

So why should the standard be different for your country?

That insidious forces want to drive obedience into you, means they know they won't be worthy of earned respect.
Which begs the question "um...why won't they? What the fuck are they up to?".

There you go, the mindset instantly exposes itself.

Same for the unearned pride stuff.
They want yahoos to have unearned pride, because they don't think them capable of earning it.
Again, contempt.

And whence the contempt?

They see you as Godzilla.

Well, are you out hurting anyone?
Anyone you know?
Anyone in your family?

It's a minority of assholes.

Apparently, we all have to suffer stupid nationalist and religious bullshit, because a handful of misanthropic misfits can't keep their marbles together.

And lemme tell you, saying the pledge, or the lord's prayer, a trillion times wasn't going to fix what was wrong with John Wayne-fucking-Gasey.

So, it's really not even about that.

It's about power.

...but....people still kick up protests, and pitch the occasional fit, and have these little tea party shindigs.'s really about the illusion of power.

Some old over-privileged entitled white men wanted to feel safe, so you have to have droning mindless mantras taught to you in school.

Then continued into adult life in the bullshit you hear during elections.

Course, the tea parties seem to be mindless noise with no teeth, so, maybe they're actually on to something.

But does it tame Godzilla?

Not in a way you and me give a fuck about.
At best, it protects the minority of dirty pols.

In fact, the dirty pols are part of the Godzilla mess we need to watch out for.

So, the mechanisms of society only do so much, it's up to you and me.

But, that comes back to being Bullshit Busters, and the power of the internet.

But, I'm getting the sense already it's all going to boil down to that.

Knowledge is power, the internet brings that power to the people, power to the people is liberty, so knowledge is liberty.

It all comes down to education, and they can't keep it from you anymore.

The jig is up.

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