Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grand Unification Theory (Part 1.5)

Okay, guess there's not much more left, but to go back, and get leftover pieces...

All right, so in the "subspace", entry, I said....

So "below space", would conceivably be minus some of those.
Let's call it "dimension zero".

What would that look like?

Well, taking away time gets a bit hinky, so, let's save it for later.

Well, later is now.
Thought it might emerge in other posts, and it didn't, so, here it is.

It's basically this...

Removing time ends up being the same as warp 10 anyway, since, if everything happens at once, part of that everywhen, is when someone somwhere hits warp 10, so, you're at warp 10, and, it's also during the big bang, when everywhere is in the same place, like warp 10 anyway.

And, in "regular", warp 10, you'd also be in everywhen, because part of everywhere, is all the timewarps everywhere, and one of those has to be a timeless void.

But, every timewarp together would add up to a timeless void anyway.

That's the sort of weirdness you get when you play with infinities.

So, warp 10 is also the ultimate timewarp, and subspace is timeless, and has hypertime properties.
Hence wormholes being able to cross into "mirror universes".

Aaaand, that's that, I guess, time to retro-link that back to part 1.

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