Friday, July 27, 2012

Superhero Flicks, Part 2.5: Batman (Update: DKR)

Updated from here.

Goddamn....8 months (from the last review) I've waited for this.

Worth it though, fucking WOW.

Hmm, can't really compare it to Avengers, they're apples and oranges.

They're both the best at what they do.
They cover different ends of the comic book movie spectrum.

Okay, as with Avengers, here's my non-spoiler observations.

  • Great performances by everyone. Every minor little role had a great actor doing it. 
  • Tom Hardy's Bane is fucking awesome, IMHO, right up there with the Heath Ledger Joker. Very menacing.
  • In fact, I think Bane makes a better counterpart to Joker than Penguin. Screw Penguin.
  • Anne Hathaway's Catwoman is great. Possibly the best cinematic one yet.
  • As you've probably heard, lots of callbacks to the first two, and everything ties up in a nice little bow with the first one.
  • A LOT of critics and bloggers are saying "not as good as DK". Ssss...I dunno, I think I might like it a teensy bit better... I think those reviewers just can't let go of Heath Ledger. 
  • Yep, this is the end all right. 

The overall...

This summer has been a gift, movies wise.

Now, everyone is interested to see where Batman goes from here.
A reboot, for sure...
But, will they establish a new Batman right away?
Go right to "World's Finest", and/or "Justice League"?
It's all up in the air.

Oh...crap, I guess I gotta address the elephant in the room that is/was the Colorado shooting.'ve heard it all, and said it all amongst yourselves.

The theater I went to was pretty well packed, one's backing down, and being all scared.
Makes me almost have faith in people.

Um...that's it, go see it.

Now, to retro-link this to the old Batman review.


hyla2 said...

Yes! I also thought Tom Hardy's Bane was freaking great, and not only authentically menacing but entertaining as hell.

Some people didn't dig the way he talked (meaning his quasi-Bond- villainish, musing, arrogant, cultured tones, not the mask mumble-jumble), but I loved it. So deliriously condescending and self assured and wryly amused . . . I was actually cackling along with the villain more than cheering the hero in this movie.

Am looking forward to the eventual home release so I can watch it with the subtitles on, though.


Diacanu said...

Heh, Bane actually came in loud and clear for me, and I was worried about that.

Bale's Batman however, still like he's got a mouth full of dental packing.
I dunno why he made that acting choice in BB, but he had to follow through...

Still, the flick makes you miss, and then be grateful for the return of the ol' growler.

Diacanu said...


Diacanu said...

I'm betting there'll be a Batman vs. Bane sequel to this soon...

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