Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Superhero Flicks, Part 3.95: (DC Animated Part 5)

All righty, so, when we left off on July 11th, I reviewed the two lead-ins to "The Dark Knight Returns", and then on September the 25th, I marked the release date of TDKR (to mark it as a future holiday).

So, now, here we go, the review.

The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1)

Like "Batman: Year One", they nailed it, it is the book come to life.
Surreal seeing it play out..and not have it be's exactly how my brain animated it all these 25 years every time I read it.
Can't wait to have the marathon of Y1, and DKR1 and DKR2.
That's gonna be a sweet afternoon/night.

Only minor nitpick, there are little teensy nips and tweaks over bits of language, and story pacing, and getting information out of internal monologues, and out in the open in the action, minor, as to barely be worth mentioning.
The story is all there, the scenes are all there.

Second disk features a touching documentary on the life of Bob Kane that to my mind, anyway, is easily the Batman companion to "Look, up in the sky!".

You MUST have this.
It's not even a question.

Now, retro link this back to parts 4, 3, and "Happy Avengers/DKR on DVD/BR day!".

...and what the heck, "The Great Graphic Novels Of Western Civilization".

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