Saturday, June 3, 2017

Big Summer Movies Part 5. (Part 3)

*Wonder Woman guitar riff*

Wonder Woman (2017)

Previously on the DCEU....
Previously on Wonder Woman....

From the "Suicide Squad", review...

I think Wonder Woman will be the one to stick the landing with critics.

Holding at 94% with critics, 93% with audiences at Rotten Tomatoes.
I would have been happy with 70's.
This is blowing the lid off.
The DCEU curse is broken!!

From the "Alien: Covenant", review...

Next time, Wonder Woman!!! (That HAS to cheer me back up)

Oh, HELLS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, finally, the rundown.
  • Loved it!!!! Ohhhh, so fucking good!!!
  • Finally, a DCEU movie I can like without having to argue about it.
  • Finally, a DCEU movie I felt truly pumped about walking out of the theater!
  • Finally, the third of the DC big three gets her film! As a kid, Supes, Bats, and WW were always together in cartoons and toys. They're all three of them 75 years old. They came up together. Its been like the Trek big three without Spock. Just wrong. It finally feels right now.
  • If you dug WW in BvS, you get 2 hours of it here. She can carry a film.
  • The WW bits of BvS will be even better after you see this.
  • The Gal Gadot naysayers can eat it.
  • Patty Jenkins not working since "Monster", is a cultural crime.
  • Wonder Woman not getting a movie for this long is a massive cultural crime.
  • has a bookend that can happen after BvS...but Captain America has a bookend, and I still count that as the first MCU, so...yeah, this goes first. I think it's better if a newbie watched this before WW shows up in BvS and Justice League.
  • Speaking of pumped, I'm totally jazzed for Justice League now!!
  • Justice League was the only trailer, and then we were right into the flick!
  • Is WW's guitar song in it? Oh, fuck yes, and right where you need it, too.
  • You  can see the inspirations from the first Christopher Reeve Superman.
  • I'd say the style of this is Superman '78 meets "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", with a teensy little smidgen of "Saving Private Ryan".
  • The social commentary on war and corruption was timely.
  • Fancy animated credits like a Marvel movie.
  • No after credits, don't wait. Go ahead and go pee and leave.
  • Is it the best DCEU flick so far? Ssss...tough call...I still love MoS and BvS.... Yes. Its got everything that was good about BvS's WW parts, plus way more. Way better at being a crowd pleaser. 
  • Y'know, I think I rank 'em the same as the continuity order I'd put 'em in. WW, MoS, BvS, SS.
  • Comparing it to Marvel, I'd put it in Dr. Strange/Iron Man territory. 
  • On my best of all time list, I'd put it...oh...either between 8 & 9, or 9 & 10. 11 at the lowest. 
  • Only nitpick, villains weren't fleshed out so much, but that's a gripe for Marvel too, and they aren't hurting.
  • Well, there, Justice League remains to be seen, but my gut tells me the problems with the DCEU are fixed, and we're good going forward.
  • We're definitely getting Wonder Woman 2, and Patty Jenkins is on board for it.
  • Definitely go see it.
  • See it multiple times.

Ahhh, happy.
Yeah, this goes on my "movies that made me high", list.

Next time, "Spider-Man: Homecoming"!!


Diacanu said...

Diacanu said...

Y'know, screw it, after the case laid out by the Screen Junkies News Spoiler Review below, I'll raise it on my top of all time to either above, below, or tied with Dark Knight.

Diacanu said...

WW just passed the domestic box-office for BvS.

Diacanu said...

Hmm, I still don't know exactly where to place WW on my all time list.
I need time for it to assimilate.

Diacanu said...

Fuck it, right after Dark Knight.

Diacanu said...

Wonder Woman is up to 800 million worldwide.

If it can just pull in 5 million more, it'll be in the top 5 with Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, and Age Of Ultron.

I feel more confident in putting it on the list where I have.

Diacanu said...

It just passed Civil War domestically.

It just has to pass Iron Man 3, and it'll be in that top 5.

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