Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And oh yeah, happy anniversary of a tragedy.

The Boston Bombing.

I'll be damned, it wasn't a white guy.
It was two Chechens.

Who saw that coming?
Who even knew they had a beef with us?
Well, let's just assume the whole planet hates the US.


Billdude said...



You've gotten around to ranting/blasting at this one yet right? (The book, not the examiner) I'm really getting sick of seeing this damn thing everywhere. What's more is that lots of Christians are hilariously pissed off at it.

Diacanu said...

I've actually toyed with the idea of doing a thing on that, and "God's not Dead".
Maybe toss in "Noah", and make it a mini update to "Oh Em Gee".

But yeah, my quick take on "Heaven Is For Real", is it's the angelic version of "The Demon Murder Case".


Y'know, them coaching and brainwashing a little kid to say that shit, and in 20 years, the grown up kid will wrote a tell-all book about it being bullshit.

But, the scum will have gotten their money, and spent it all on hookers and blow by then.

Billdude said...

The kid probably just had some dumb hallucination while on painkillers (it's happened zillions of times before) and you know, I wouldn't be surprised if the parents actually do believe it. The thing of it is, it's so ridiculous and silly--Jesus apparently has a rainbow colored horse and wears a crown with a PINK DIAMOND in the center. Huh?!? What 70s prog rock album cover did this kid get this crap from?

Also, while "Noah" is apparently garbage, it was written and directed by an atheist (Darren Aronofsky), with Noah's politics skewing liberal/environmentalist in spots, and it's really making the fundie crowd angry as hell.

Aronofsky is an inconsistent director. Liked "The Wrestler," hated "Black Swan" with a passion.

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