Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superheroes 2.5: Part 1- Iron Man 3.

All right, so, we've cracked open Avengers phase 2.
Let's unbox our first prezzies...


  • Yes, it's fuckin' awesome. No need to worry.
  • This feels like the end for Iron Man. The bow is nicely tied up. I'm sure he'll be back for Avengers 2, but, the loose ends all feel taken care of here. 
  • On that note, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Avengers, and this feel like pieces to one big movie. Especially in hindsight with this for the capper.
  • Further on that note...yeah, this feels more like wrapping up phase 1 than starting off phase 2.
  • These flicks totally hinge on Robert Downey Jr, and he knows it. I'm loving his contract negotiations with Marvel/Disney.
  • He's saving kids, and fighting super powered villains in this one, so...yeah, in terms of what he got to do with this trilogy/quadrilogy, he's totally the new generation's Christopher Reeve.
  • As always, stay after the credits. It's a fun scene.
  • Um, people are saying it's the best, I dunno about the best, Avengers was the best, but, this is pretty great. Okay, it's the best of the ones with "Iron Man", in the title. For sure.
  • My one nitpick, and this is probably just me...soundtrack. The only song from the CD that makes it on here is "some kind of joke", and it's faint in the background of the restaurant scene.
  • Seriously, I listened to, and memorized the chorus to all the songs so I could lock onto them as they popped up, and that's all you get. The end credits were just orchestral score stuff. The end credits of Iron Man had "Iron Man", Iron Man 2 had "shoot to thrill", Avengers had "live to rise", I felt a little let down there. But, again, maybe it's just me. Was kinda hoping for "big bad wolves". Which...copyright cops have taken down everywhere, so you're on your own for a sample.
  • Um...yeah, that's it, everything else is spoiler-y.

The overall...

You'll have a blast.

09 to now with Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man has been a helluva ride.
It'll be 20 years minimum before they dare recast him.

So, that's it until "Man Of Steel", "and "Kick Ass 2".
Maaayyybe with "The Wolverine", thrown in between, we'll see.


severalspeciesof said...

Damn, I usually stay till the bitter end, so of course the one time I don't... Well, what was scene?

Diacanu said...

I'll private message it to you.

Frankus said...

The 'Big bad wolves' you're talking about is probably not this. But you should watch it for its complete freakiness.

You might have to cut and paste that cuz I can't make a link.

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