Friday, July 6, 2012

*Sigh*.......fucking coffee, mumble, grumble....

So, next Thursday, it will be a year that this bullshit has been going on....

Click link below for the backstory...


So, I've given this shit...*check watch*...oh, right, a year....

I've held back as long as I could.

So, read that link, and the links in the links, and get all caught up.
Or, refresh your memory...

So, here's where this shit stands now.

The bad guys.

Andrea Dworkin.

For sharting out "radical feminist theory", onto the world in the first place, and doing her damnedest to destroy human happiness wherever she could get her bipolar mitts on it.

I haven't danced on many graves, but hers was one of them.
I remember the occasion quite clearly.
And fondly.

Her, and a couple middle eastern madmen, that's it.
I'm very picky and sparing with it.

Ah, but that was then, this is now.....

Rebecca Watson

A schmucky loser asking you out "for coffee", isn't sexual harassment.
Internet trolls are stupid assholes, but they aren't rapists.
Snap out of it, and get on with your life, you dorky goofball.

Of course, I begin to think "coffee man", never existed, and this whole deal has been a nasty political machination from day one.

Okay, I fib a little there.
I always thought it.

Frankly, and you may have picked up on this, I don't think too highly of most people.
I find them to be nasty, exploitative, opportunistic, grasping little primates, not much higher in the cultural scale than bonobos.
This shit's par for the course.

It just disappoints when it comes from "people who should know better", though.

Guess I got some more growing up to do.
I don't think I'm naive, by any means, but shit like this keeps biting me in the ass regardless.
Damnedest thing....

Ophelia Benson

I used to think a lot better of her, I really, really did.
She was on my Facebook feed and everything.

Then, she played her hand as yet another wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, pseudo-liberal.
Another of these Tipper Gore style Nazi book burners, right out of the Dworkin playbook.

And that's what this all is, it's chess moves of a branch of "liberalism", that doesn't believe in liberty, it never did, they think they can brainwash and ban their way to utopia, and I'm really fed up to nauseous with people like this.

Can't fucking take any fucking more.

PZ Myers

This one really rocked me to my core.
Pulled the rug out from under me.
He was up on my atheistic heroes list along with Richard Dawkins.
He stood up against the whole "Expelled", mess.
That was legendary.
Ah, what golden days those were....

Well, forget all that, because now, now, he's fucking banning people off of  a place called "Freethought Blogs".
Savor the irony.

Well, not even, he doesn't actually hold the ban button, he's a greasy little squealer.
Oh, wait, Thunderf00t didn't do anything actually wrong, so, he's a lying squealer.

I dunno, for awhile, I was holding on to "if PZ ever comes back to his old self, and realizes what he's done...geez, how can he live with himself? :(".

Fuck that naivete, I gave you a whole year, PZ, time's up, you're just a schmoe.
A schmoe, a schmuck, and a schmendrick.
You're done.

Off my blogroll and Facbook you go.
Yeah, I'm sure you're heartbroken....

Ed Brayton

The goober who actually pushed the ban button.

Yeah, this one stunned me too.
He kinda devotes himself to raging against oppression and intolerance when it comes from the right wing.
You'd...think he'd sniff out whats going on.

Had him on my blogroll and Facebook, no more *kerflushhh*.

Fuckin' depressing.
This whole fuckin' thing.

Greg Laden idea who this fucking person is, actually.

His name keeps coming up, I haven't quite been able to sift his role in things out of the tornado yet.
Skimmed his blog, he vaguely seems like a twit, he a capricious twit?
A wicked twit?
I don't know.

But, he's in the stew somehow....and he's not spoken of highly...

Ah, he throws violent threats around.
But, his, unlike Youtube yahoos, are a-okay.
Well, this becomes more charming and lovely by the moment...

The good guys

Hope they stay that way....



Eh, his Youtube vids come come off a little shrill sometimes, but....his heart always seemed in the right place.
Never disagreed too much with what he said.

I don't see any actual wrongdoing on his part in this kerfuffle.

Maybe someone could illuminate me.
With what I know so far, this looks like a total railroading.

Miranda Celeste Hale

A "gender traitor", according to Ophelia Benson.

Yeah, you know when bullshit phrases like that get thrown around, you're dealing with zealots.
That simple.

If I could afford liposuction, a face transplant, a gym membership, and a chip in my head that makes me able to withstand gobs and gobs of poems, I'd ask her out for coffee.

I would.
No, really.

As it is, *peeks in wallet, moth flys out* I'm strapped.
So, I'll keep my evil entitled patriarchal harassment to myself like a good boy.
Probably should anyway.
Yes, it's good that I'm not happy.
It's utopia.
Thank you, liberals.
What bliss.
What a great world all this fear and sadness is making.
Good job, heroes.

Paula Kirby

Thrown under the bus.

This really chaps my ass.

It''s, I dunno, it's like the army gunning Mary Poppins out of the sky, you...just don't DO that!

What the fuck???

So, anyway, she wrote this, and has earned the ire and venom of the Dworkinites, and their zombie minions.
She's holding up rather well though.

Richard Dawkins

For (with the exception of one snarky comment) staying out of this fracas.

Man, the shit that comes at him, and he stays steady and sane no matter what.

I wish I could learn to be more like him.
Instead of this spastic nut who writes angry blogs.
Ah, well, coming up on 37, probably too late.

Christopher Hitchens

Okay, so, he's stayed out of it by being...well, dead.
But, if he were here, he probably would have compressed absolutely the right thing to say into one sentence, and blown up FTB with a puff of ciggy smoke, and this would be over months ago.
As it is...well...

Yeah, so, that's the whole stupid soap opera, really.
Sad that something so fucking dumb at its core threatens to ruin everything.

Really hoped this movement was gonna make a difference, and fix some things.

I mean, really?
Rad-fem bullshit brings it down?

Well, let's see....60's counter-culture, the 70's sexual revolution, activist atheism, what else can it destroy?
Oh, yeah, it can't seem to bring down actual patriarchal psychopathy in barbarian shithole nightmare countries.
That, it doesn't even touch.
Fucking weird, that bit, huh?

Crazy world....

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Phil Rimmer said...

"a branch of 'liberalism' that doesn't believe in liberty".

Exactly, Mike. Dogmatists to a man. "...and the correct way to behave in circumstance 37B with category 3 humans is of course not to attempt any conversation involving the proscribed gambits of list 13."
Panic stricken solipsists, eager to foist the problems arising from their own social incompetence and lack of savvy onto others.

PK...Mary Poppins? Yeeeees. Now I see it. MP was never a tame nanny she was one of those fierce feral nannies. Organises the nursery cleanup AMD has fun.

A witty devastating Hitch slap is just what we need. Sigh.

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