Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0.77).

And lastly, wrapping up winter, this one.....

Ghostbusters 101 (2017)

Previously with this franchise....

Answer The Call-

Buildup to 101-

All righty, this will be like my "Ash vs Evil Dead", episode reviews.
I'll review the individual issues down in comments, then do a  compilation later.

So, jump down to comments for issue 1.

Next up, big winter recap!!


Diacanu said...

Okay, so here we go...

It starts out in the mainline GB 1&2 universe, Winston and Peter are busting a ghost while Egon and Ray find a pocket of positively charged mood slime underground.

Peter and Winston bust their ghost, but Egon & Ray destabilize the slime with a proton grenade, causing mood slime to explode out of several fire hydrants, and hose the city down.

The city threatens to fine the Ghostbusters, and fire Walter Peck (who's their government liaison now).
Peck bitches them out, but then Peter has the bright idea to create a Ghostbusting fantasy camp to rake in extra money, and find new recruits, thus making them able to pay the fine.

Meanwhile, Kylie shows some new recruits around the firehouse, and shows them the dimension porthole (from the TMNT crossover, and the RGB crossover) and this gives us our peek into the Answer The Call Universe.
Kylie closes the porthole before anything can make it through though.

The ATC cast gets the last 5 pages, with Patty and Holtzy on a bust while Abby and Erin hold down the fort, and Kevin dances around in a broccoli costume.

So, as I've assumed for awhile, we won't get the actual crossover until issue 2.
Maybe even issue 3.
I'm betting on it being issue 2's cliffhanger.

The whole arc will be 6 issues, so they'll no doubt milk it for a bit.

Well, from what little there is to judge it on, I like it so far.
The artist and writer have captured the voices and personalities of the ATC girls down to a tee.
And they already had the original nailed.
This'll be fun.
Can't wait for issue 2.

Diacanu said...

The graphic novel collection comes out in December, and will be titled "Ghostbsuters 101: Everyone Answers The Call".

I'm going to call the series that.
Suits a sequel to ATC much better.

Diacanu said...

Summaries for issues 2-4 off of Ghostbusters Wiki.

Issue 2-

Holtzmann and crew have been minding their own business and busting their own ghosts, when something even stranger starts going on in their neighborhood -- and it's noticeable. Their minds and their city are being subtly altered... but why? It probably has something to do with trouble started in the neighboring parallel dimension of the original Ghostbusters... but they don't know that yet! The crossover you've all demanded continues here!

Issue 3-

This is it! The Original Ghostbusters finally come face to face with those who Answer The Call! Inter-dimensional travel is no new thing to the original boys in grey and their colleagues, but this is the first time that dimensions have ever overlapped and threatened to merge -- which could be a worse fate than total protonic reversal!

Issue 4-

Two teams of Ghostbusters are fighting the clock, trying to understand why their dimensions are being pulled together... even as the merging itself causes such a surge of psychokinetic energy that more ghosts than ever are coming out of the woodwork! Today's secret phrase is: Hurry, Ghostbusters!

So, I was right, the actual crossing over doesn't properly kick in until issue 3.

Diacanu said...

Preview for issue #5.

The Ghostbusters have found out what's bringing their dimensions together - and for once, it doesn't have anything to do with a sinister beam of light heading into the sky! Tech nerds from two dimensions will need to put their heads together and build something that'll solve the problem (and at least half of them hope any solution includes a satisfying explosion!)

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