Friday, March 24, 2017

The big 2016-2017 movie recap!

Here we go again!

And now, here they all are.
For the year of 2016-2017.
Merging summer of 2016, with winter of 2016-2017.


The big 2015-2016 movie recap!

And now, the list.

1. Logan. 

Transcends the genre.

2. Rogue One.

It's Star Wars. Good Star Wars.
Good Star Wars gets high on any list.

3. Lego Batman.

Ditto Logan.

4. Civil War.

Best within its genre, but again, 1 and 3 transcend.

5. Doctor Strange.

Among the best Marvel stand-alones.

6. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.

Gone down a couple stars, but I still love it.
And thanks to Ghostbusters 101, it's retroactively Ghostbusters 3 now.

7. Ash vs Evil Dead.

Best season so far.
Favorite Evil Dead anything next to good old "Evil Dead 2".

8. Suicide Squad.

Meh, least good of the DCEU so far, but still enjoyable.

9. X-Men Apocalypse.

Gone down a bit since first viewing, but it has great parts to it.
Quicksilver running through the explosion, and Fassbender's acting in the first third, mostly.

10. Star Trek Beyond.

One of the best Treks in a long ass time, and in another year, it could have been in the top 5, but what a damned year!

11. Justice League Dark.

Dug it. Nothing on this list is really bad, or even a letdown.
But, something had to get down here.

12. Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders.


13. Sausage Party.

Could have been better with the ideas it was playing with, but for what it is, solid job, and made me laugh.

14. Ghostbusters 101.

Again, not far enough into this series to judge. I'll re-assess in 6 months.
I can't imagine the creative team involved dropping the ball.

Aaaand, that's it.
Summer 2017 starts with "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2".
See you then!

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B. D. said...

"Green Room" is okay but not great. "Blue Ruin" by the same director was better and had a more interesting point (wimpy incompetent sad sack guy tries to get revenge.) "Green Room" is just kind of a beatdown hostages-trapped type thriller, no real point other than entertainment. Patrick Stewart is the only really interesting character in the movie at all, the rest are just punk rockers and skinhead crew members.

I also watched the MST3K "I Accuse My Parents" which was pretty wretched.

Season 1 of "Better Call Saul" was probably better than "Breaking Bad"'s first season but not as good as other BrBa seasons.

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