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Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0.77).

And lastly, wrapping up winter, this one.....

Ghostbusters 101 (2017)

Previously with this franchise....

Answer The Call-

Buildup to 101-

All righty, this will be like my "Ash vs Evil Dead", episode reviews.
I'll review the individual issues down in comments, then do a compilation later.

So, jump down to comments for issue 1.

Next up, big winter recap!!


Diacanu said...

Okay, so here we go...

It starts out in the mainline GB 1&2 universe, Winston and Peter are busting a ghost while Egon and Ray find a pocket of positively charged mood slime underground.

Peter and Winston bust their ghost, but Egon & Ray destabilize the slime with a proton grenade, causing mood slime to explode out of several fire hydrants, and hose the city down.

The city threatens to fine the Ghostbusters, and fire Walter Peck (who's their government liaison now).
Peck bitches them out, but then Peter has the bright idea to create a Ghostbusting fantasy camp to rake in extra money, and find new recruits, thus making them able to pay the fine.

Meanwhile, Kylie shows some new recruits around the firehouse, and shows them the dimension porthole (from the TMNT crossover, and the RGB crossover) and this gives us our peek into the Answer The Call Universe.
Kylie closes the porthole before anything can make it through though.

The ATC cast gets the last 5 pages, with Patty and Holtzy on a bust while Abby and Erin hold down the fort, and Kevin dances around in a broccoli costume.

So, as I've assumed for awhile, we won't get the actual crossover until issue 2.
Maybe even issue 3.
I'm betting on it being issue 2's cliffhanger.

The whole arc will be 6 issues, so they'll no doubt milk it for a bit.

Well, from what little there is to judge it on, I like it so far.
The artist and writer have captured the voices and personalities of the ATC girls down to a tee.
And they already had the original nailed.
This'll be fun.
Can't wait for issue 2.

Diacanu said...

The graphic novel collection comes out in December, and will be titled "Ghostbsuters 101: Everyone Answers The Call".

I'm going to call the series that.
Suits a sequel to ATC much better.

Diacanu said...

Summaries for issues 2-4 off of Ghostbusters Wiki.

Issue 2-

Holtzmann and crew have been minding their own business and busting their own ghosts, when something even stranger starts going on in their neighborhood -- and it's noticeable. Their minds and their city are being subtly altered... but why? It probably has something to do with trouble started in the neighboring parallel dimension of the original Ghostbusters... but they don't know that yet! The crossover you've all demanded continues here!

Issue 3-

This is it! The Original Ghostbusters finally come face to face with those who Answer The Call! Inter-dimensional travel is no new thing to the original boys in grey and their colleagues, but this is the first time that dimensions have ever overlapped and threatened to merge -- which could be a worse fate than total protonic reversal!

Issue 4-

Two teams of Ghostbusters are fighting the clock, trying to understand why their dimensions are being pulled together... even as the merging itself causes such a surge of psychokinetic energy that more ghosts than ever are coming out of the woodwork! Today's secret phrase is: Hurry, Ghostbusters!

So, I was right, the actual crossing over doesn't properly kick in until issue 3.

Diacanu said...

Preview for issue #5.

The Ghostbusters have found out what's bringing their dimensions together - and for once, it doesn't have anything to do with a sinister beam of light heading into the sky! Tech nerds from two dimensions will need to put their heads together and build something that'll solve the problem (and at least half of them hope any solution includes a satisfying explosion!)

Diacanu said...

Issue 2!!!

In "Answer The Call", Earth, Patty, Holtzmann, and Abby go to the golf course from "Caddyshack", and bust the first ghost from "Scrooged".

Abby wants him trapped to study, but Holtzmann runs him through the shredder.

Meanwhile, Erin holds down the fort at the firehouse, and Kevin gives himself a pompadour and beard with spray cheese.

Meanwhile, in Classic Ghostbusters Earth, a new recruit, Garret Parker, joins the 101 class, and the other kids show him the dimensional portal.
He puts his hand through, and a yellow octopoidal ghost grabs him, and the other kids shut down the portal, cutting off the tentacle, and they pull him free.
The tentacle breaks down to yellow ectoplasm, and Garret says "that was awesome!!".

Janine yells at them, and they go back upstairs.

A voice observes that the octopoidal ghost exists between dimensions, and a ghost hand reaches out in the reflection on a pane of glass like the mirror-ghosts from "Answer The Call".

My theory? Rowan's back.

Meanwhile, ghost images of Peter and Ray appear on the staircase to the second floor of the ATC firehouse, and only Kevin can see them.

Issue ends with Kevin saying "do we know a Venkman?".

So, the dimensions are starting to merge, and we cliff-hang with the crossover just starting to happen.
Preview images on Twitter show that the crossover is in full swing by issue 3, because Holtzmann is talking to Ray.

Anyhoo, 2 down, 4 to go!!

See you next month!

Diacanu said...

Oh! I just realized! When Kevin puts on his cheese beard, he looks like Walter Peck!
So...I wonder if this indicates he's already picking up subliminal messages from the classic universe...

Now I gotta see if the broccoli costume matches up to something...

Diacanu said...


Diacanu said...

Issue 3!!

Ahhh, HERE we go!!

The crossover finally kicks in!!

In the Classic Ghostbusters universe, a trainee is being taught how to trap a ghost in a special polarized proton-proof room, and the ghost is one of the ones from the 80's toys.

As this happens, Janine's niece whines about the chores her and the other 101 Ghostbusters are having to do.

Meanwhile, Holtzmann gets woken up by her roommates who show her on the news that there are now 2 Statues Of Liberty, and the Classic Ghostbusters are investigating it as if they were in their own universe.

Holtzmann suits up, and runs to the firehouse, meets the other girls, they discuss the "imposters", and they go inside, only to find out its been changed into the firehouse of the Classic Ghostbusters.

They meet Kevin Tanaka, Janine's assistant, then they see their Kevin along with Egon coming from upstairs, and they FINALLY meet the original team.

Egon scans their dimensional frequency, and knows the girls are counterparts, Holtzmann says Peter looks familiar (Dr. Heiss!), and they discuss how all of this could be happening.

They take the girls downstairs to see the dimension portal, which is powered by the containment unit.
Holtzmann puts her hand through, and it comes right back through on the same side, meaning their dimensions are fused.

Egon changes dimensions, and Holtzmann puts her head through into the animated Real Ghostbusters universe, and Holtzmann tells animated Egon to "lose the rat-tail, hombre!".

Ray tells the girls about their encounter with Gozer, and how the explosion at the end of that could have caused the idea of their logo, jumpsuits, proton packs, etc to echo into all the other universes.
Patty mentions hearing "Zuul", on the EVP (at the end of ATC), and we now have our little grand unification theory for the Ghostbusters multi-verse.

The client phone rings, and Holtz answers it, and now all 8 Busters are going to go on this next job.
Holtz says "who's ready for a boat ride!?", and we cliff-hang.

*Rubs hands* now we're really in the thick of it! :D
I'm excited!
Haven't been this excited since "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash".

Diacanu said...

Preview for issue #6.

Thanks to a timely intervention, the Ghostbusters have saved the day! But you knew that would happen-you're an old hand at this kind of thing! But after all the goodbyes are said, and the players are all back to where they belong, one question remains: did the Ghostbusters' ultimate solution have any consequences for the multiverse?! Find out in the finale to GHOSTBUSTERS 101!

Diacanu said...

Re: The Dan Aykroyd kerfuffle for Thursday.

Diacanu said...

Ghostbusters- Passing The Torch. (One year later!!)

Diacanu said...

Issue 4!!
4 down, 2 to go!!

Okay, we pick up where we left off last time where Holtz said "who's ready for a boat ride?".

Now, they're on the boat, and it turns out it's the Ecto 8 from the video game.

Ray, Winston, Peter, Erin, Holtz, and Patty are on the mission, Egon and Abby have stayed back at the firehouse.

Patty suddenly finally recognizes Winston as resembling her uncle, and this causes Erin to realize that Winston, Ray, and Peter look like Patty's uncle, the cabbie, and Dr. Heiss.

So, the ATC cameo characters are indeed parallels to the original Busters.
(And this is canon, see "Passing The Torch. (One year later!!)")

Also, where Holtz is the only one who had her jumpsuit and gear on before the dimensional merging, Erin and Patty are having to wear classic suits and packs.
More specifically, previous issues of the comic establish that movie universe Busters had the animated suits as spares, so Patty is wearing animated Ray's suit, and Erin is wearing animated Peter's suit.

The guys and girls make it to Ellis island and Holtz proceeds to blow up ghosts with her proton pistols like in the movie.
Ray chides her for doing this, explaining that dispersed ghost energy just reforms, and in the vicinity of a portal, even faster.
(Finally addressing that you're not supposed to kill ghosts in Ghostbusters lore)

Erin also points out that in ATC, it only worked out for them, because they got rid of all the excess energy by sucking it into Rowan's portal at the end.

Indeed, the destroyed ghosts re-integrate into a big four armed monster.

Patty, Peter, Winston, and Holtz fight the monster, while Ray and Erin go back to the boat for more gear.

They bring back a proton bazooka, and a super trap.
Erin blows up the monster into smaller ghosts with the bazooka, and Ray sucks them up into the super trap dangling from the Ecto-2 mini-helicopter.

Then, he drops the trap into the dimensional breach, and blows it up, sealing it up like they did in ATC.

Holtz whines about not being able to play with the bazooka, and vows revenge on Erin later.

While all this happens, we cut back and forth back to the firehouse, where all the gear and belongings of the ATC girls finally materializes at the firehouse, whereupon Kevin (Beckman) labels everything from ATC-verse with post-its.

Meanwhile, Abby, Kylie, and Egon figure out that classic-GB-verse and ATC-verse have the exact same ley-line patterns, and that ley-lines are playing into where portals form this time too.

Egon deduces that this all started when Ray's students (the 101 class) played with the portal in the cellar with the containment unit (see issue 2) so Egon calls to try to ask exactly what they did so they can unravel this, but they've all gone home, and won't be back until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Ellis Island is on fire because of the explosion, and Ray tells Janine to call the FDNY.

Almost there!

Diacanu said...

ATC spinoff comic coming!

I'll cover the issues of that like I'm doing here with 101, and I consider this and 101 to be the fulfillment of Paul Feig's planned trilogy.

Diacanu said...

Issue 5!!!

1 to go!!!

We start off with Peck and the Mayor giving a press conference telling everyone everything is under control.

But, the mayor morphs back and forth from the one in the the video game (played by Brian Doyle Murray) to the one from ATC (played by Andy Garcia), as this happens.

We skip ahead, and Peck bawls out Janine over this, but Holtzmann messes with him until he goes way.

Meanwhile, Egon, Ray, Abby, Erin and Kylie bounce technobabble back and forth over how to separate the dimensions.
They get the residual ecto frequency off Garrett's arm (see issue 2) to help find the octo-ghost that started all this (remember, he's fusing the dimensions by trying to pull himself back together. Again, see issue 2).

Meanwhile, Peter, Holtzmann, Patty, and Winston are going out on calls to clean up as many ghosts as they can, and they seem like they've been at this awhile.
BTW, Patty has her ATC uniform and pack back.

Holtzmann rigs the classic ghost traps for wireless activation like her ATC-verse trap, and chides the the classic-Busters for being old men staying behind the times.

They arrive at Woodlawn Cemetery, and run into the ghost of Herman Mellville being chased by a spectral Moby Dick.

Back at the firehouse, Abby has a pity-party over them (the ATC team) not being the originals after all, and therefore not being special, but Erin talks her out of it with a great speech that's as sweet and dramatic as some of the deleted scenes of the movie, and then Abby gets an idea of how to help in this crisis.

Back at the Moby Dick bust, Holtzmann uses the wi-fi-ed traps to tear Moby into pieces in separate traps, dissipating his energy.

The guys and gals come back to the firehouse, and Holtzmann is horrified to discover that Abby's plan is they're dismantling her mini containment unit (from the end of ATC) and putting the guts into a spare Ectomobile made from an SUV, and turning it into a mobile super-trap.

So, the plan is, they're going to cut octo-ghost off from the ley-lines by hosing them with mood slime (which they discovered a fresh huge reserve of back in issue 1!!), then they'll trap it, which will pull it all the way into the classic-GB universe, and then that will split the dimension back apart.

Failure to split the dimensions won't result, as it turns out, into a permanently merged world, but the molecules of both worlds will shake apart in under six months blowing up everything, killing all life.

So, time is of the essence.

And we cliff-hang.

Then, there's a little resource guide after-chapter thing that canonizes the Tobin's Spirit Guide I bought last year.

To be concluded!!

Diacanu said...

Issue #6!!! The End!!!!

So, we pick it up with Ray, Erin, and Patty each leading a big squad of 101 recruits equipped with Kenner slime-blower packs and ecto-goggles, so they can see the ley-lines, and hose them. With that many cadets, they can cover the whole city in no time.

Melanie Ortiz (an FBI agent, and spare Ghostbuster created for the comic) arrives at the fire house, and meets Holtzmann, and remarks that she knows an agent Holtzmann in the FBI.

ATC Holtzmann remarks that she hopes the other her investigates aliens, and has a redheaded sidekick.

A little inside joke that Kate McKinnon was a major fan of X-Files as a little girl, and her crush on Gillian Anderson is how she knew she was gay.
She sent Anderson a pic of her cosplaying as Scully at the time, and Anderson kept the pic all these years, and tweeted it last year.

Abby and Kylie give Melanie the exposition of their plan from last issue, and Melanie gets ahold of the other Holtzmann on her cellphone to give to ATC Holtzmann to distract her.

Garret's (the kid who put his hand through the porthole and caused all this) dad dies of his cancer, and his ghost shows up to say how proud he is of him, and he loves him, and all that mushy stuff.

Abby and Holtzmann drive the trap-mobiel to the center of Time's Square, and start sucking the octo-ghost through a hole in the sky.
Peter, Ray, and Egon on one rooftop, and Winston, Patty, and Erin on another use their proton streams to help pull him through.

Octo-ghost gets sucked up into the trap-mobile per the plan, but there's still a residual hole in the sky.

Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Patty, Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann all cross the streams to seal the breach, and it causes the universe to molecularly scatter, merge, and split once and for all, but during the merging, the girls experince being part of Ghostbuster 1 & 2, and the boys experience being part of Answer The Call.

The end result, is the universe is split again, but now the boys and girls have the memories of all 3 movies.

Plus, with the porthole machine, they can still cross over.
So long as they don't let ghosts get stuck in it again.

Ray rebuilds Holztmann's containment unit like he said he would, and with some improvements.

Peter meets Rebecca Gorin, and flirts with her (cuz she looks like Dana).

Abby and Erin reflect on all that's happened, and what the future holds up on top of the fire house (their firehouse in their New york) like at the end of Answer The Call, and cliff-hanging towards the ATC miniseries.

Paul Feig planned out his Ghostbusters to be a trilogy, and now with 101, and the ATC miniseries it will be.
At a minimum, but it's safe to assume ATC will be picked up for an ongoing series.

Aaand, now for the full series review.

Diacanu said...

Oh yeah, they never resolved who the reflection ghost was talking to octo-ghost way back in issue 2!!

Guess they're gonna milk that along for future series-es.

Diacanu said...

Full series review.

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