Thursday, March 23, 2017

The big winter movie recap. Part 2.


The big winter movie recap. Part 1.

Now, the movies...

1. Logan.

Like I said in the review, the summer superhero movies are gonna have to be absolutely fucking incredible to knock this off its perch.

2. Rogue One (First, second).

Just shows how goddamned good "Logan", was  that this one didn't get the number 1.
If this is just the taste of how good the anthology films can be, I'm giddy as shit for the Han Solo prequel.

3. Lego Batman.

Might just be my favorite Batman movie.
As a spoof movie, this is up there with "Airplane", and "Spaceballs".
It's the "Spaceballs", of Batman.
It's Batballs.

4. Doctor Strange (First, second).

One of my favorite standalone Marvel character films ever.
The Captain America sequels are really mini Avengers movies, so....its real competition is Ant-Man, and Iron Man 1.
Yeah, three-way tied with Ant-Man and Iron Man.

5. Ash vs Evil Dead (Premiere, series recap).

This season was glorious.
Let's hope they can maintain the upward trajectory next year.
Fingers crossed for a crossover with the remake.

6. Justice League Dark.

Pretty fucking sweet. Now let's get it in live-action.
Chop-chop, Warner Bros.

7. Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders.

Gotta get this and Lego Batman into my collection for the double feature!

8. Ghostbusters 101.

Too early into the series to judge so far.
Like what I'm seeing, but not much has happened yet.
Get back to me in six months.

So, that's winter of 2016-2017.

Next comes "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2", and we're back to summer again.

Up next for these, the year round recap lumping this, and summer 2016 together.
Stay tuned!

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