Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter 29.5. (The origin of Eidolon)


May 15th.
Winnifred Herbert was born.


"The Big City".
September 11th.
8:40 am.

Wilhelmina and Winnifred Herbert were on the observation deck of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Wilhelmina was on her cellphone talking to her husband, Logan, who was elsewhere in the city on business.

11:00 am.

Dr. Logan W. Herbert wandered around in a daze, coated in dust.

Amongst the chaos, he saw Phidippus-Dude, a.k.a "Phidey", sitting on the front stoop of an apartment building sobbing behind his mask, and generally being useless as a superhero.

That part would always stick out in his mind.
He didn't know why.

Logan looked up to where the towers were supposed to be, and calmly and coldly resolved, wiping away his one dust thickened tear, "okay, enough of that. That was the last straw, religion. In fact, that was the last straw for me with bullshit in general. We're not doing this anymore, you and I. It's me or you. One of us has to go".

Logan wandered some more, and 15 minutes later, stumbled upon a 1 year old baby girl in a car seat, on the doorstep of a firehouse, a note with her name and birth date on it safety pinned to her shirt.

Logan looked at her for awhile, tore off and read the note, crumpled it, picked up the car seat by its handle, and walked off with it.

"We're going home now, Winnifred", he grumbled.
Another single tear leaked out.


5 year old Winnifred Herbert was introduced to her first computer.

Winnifred chose the online handle "Eidolon", because it was a fancy word for ghost, and she'd always felt like one for some reason.


Eidolon introduced herself to Chokecherry, and informally became the fourth Streetsweeper.

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