Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 29th anniversary, Garbage Pail Kids!!

Past anniversaries.
  • 27th (just about everything)
  • 28th (added link to my cartoon review)

New stuff.

Zombie GPKs!!


Billdude said...

This is making the embarrassing 1996 or so Internet flashback.

It's 27 minutes long though. You make the call...

Also I watched the AVGN video for "Big Rigs"!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

BILLDUDE said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Didn't you predict a reality show like this, like it was going to be called "Foxx Fuxx" or "HOW LOW can YOU GO?" If so that's like the 30th thing you've predicted that came true!!

Diacanu said...

Re: The 1996 how-to-use-the-internet video.

Red Letter Media made fun of that. It's buried in their "best of the worst", episodes somewhere.

Re: Big Rigs. Biiiig fuckin riiiigs!!!

Re: The show I predicted.
Damned straight.

My next prediction. Terabyte micro-SD cards.
Yeah, it's not as sexy as that other one, but I really want a damned portable terabyte.

Billdude said...

Dude, you're not supposed to pick

At any rate, no way in hell is "Big Rigs" worse than "Desert Bus." Obviously "Big Rigs" is more poorly designed but at least there's some novelty value in laughing your ass off at going in reverse speed at 9 zillion mph or just driving through crap. "Desert Bus," I seriously cannot believe people would give Penn & Teller the belly laughs they were hoping for by actually being stupid enough to try playing a game. They're not even correct about it mimicking real life, at least you could get out of the bus in real life to take a piss or something!!

No, no, you're supposed to predict stupid/asinine things that people do in real life, not things we would WANT!

Diacanu said...

Okay, how about this?

By 2020, they'll start to sneak "fuck", onto prime-time basic cable.

By 2030 they'll just let you say everything.

2035, full on ass-slapping action.

Billdude said...

"Fuck" has snuck onto "Saturday Night Live" so many times that I've lost count (no, I didn't go back to watching it, really.)

That said I thought they were definitely lowering the standards of what you can show on prime time cable in terms of VIOLENCE ("Hannibal" the series for example)...and in fact I've been binge watching "The X-Files" and can't believe some of the crap they got away with showing on THAT show...beheadings, slashed throats, yeah I know you don't care for that show so I'll shut up about it here but this was in friggin 1997 (of course, lots of it is just really bad latex makeup.)

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