Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter 31/38. (Shmegalamonga meets Dr. Herbert)

Thirty chapters later, and Mike was still alive.

Yet, the latter point didn't seem to matter to him either way anymore.
He was enjoying himself.

He did find it odd that no one was complaining about the quality of the stories though.
Usually, someone somewhere would.

"Sooner or later, someone's gotta notice", he figured.

Just then, an e-mail rolled in.

This time, from Dr. Herbert.
He was offering to supplement the JS stories with a Q&A column on science.

"Whatever, dude", Mike said at the screen with a shrug.

He e-mailed back that sure, he'd be glad to have him on board.

And so it went...

...for 8 columns, and folks just weren't into it.

Mike felt bad having to discontinue the thing.

Luckily, Doc H made it easy for him by quitting it himself.

No one seemed to notice when it quietly drifted away without incident.

Mike kept them up forever though.
You never knew, might come in handy someday....


Diacanu said...

The funky number is to compensate and correct for all the "and a half", chapters.

We're really up to 38.

Diacanu said...

Also, here's the Dr. Herbert episodes again. ;-)

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