Friday, December 14, 2012

Miscellaneous flicks...Two!

Okay, let's see how many updates of old reviews I can cram into this one...

Tenchi Muyo

Funimation bought up the distribution rights a helluva while ago, and put out the 3rd OVA series, well, finally, they've re-issued the rest of everything.
The original OVA series, the movies, GXP, Universe, In Tokyo, the whole deal.

So, those are finally for the having again at reasonable prices.

Amazon link.

Oh, and Adult Swim has been running GXP late at night.

Also, the newest series...

...formerly tentatively known as "Saint Knight's Tale", now has the English title "Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar".
No word on a DVD release yet.

Action heroes

Total Recall

Remade with remake-Jerry-Dandridge as remake-Arnold.


Remade, remake is being ignored, Arnold is coming back for "The Legend Of Conan".

Arnold's very next flick is the action-comedy "The Last Stand", with Johnny Knoxville.

Die Hard

Part 5 "A Good Day To Die Hard", coming in 2013.

The Expendables

Part 2 came out this summer.
Work has already begun on part 3.


Ridley Scott seems pretty damned determined to do the sequel.



Turned 30 this year.

Fantasy Flicks

Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit

 First of three Hobbit flicks is right around the corner.

....really? Three flicks out of one little book?
What the hell are they gonna cram in there?
I'm...skeptical about this enterprise.

The Princess Bride

Turned 25 this year.

Flight Of Dragons

Turned 30 this year.

The Last Unicorn

Also turned 30 this year.

Time Bandits

Turned 31 this year.

Clash Of The Titans

The sequel to the remake "Wrath Of The Titans", came out this year.
I don't care so much.

Oh, and remember when I said they don't make flicks like "The Dark Crystal", and "Labyrinth", anymore?



I still gotta see this.

James Bond


Skyfall came out.
Critics have been absolutely losing their fucking minds, they want it to be president, and for it to be canonized as a saint, and for it to be on money.

So....I guess I'll Redbox it....

Dystopia flicks (see parts 1, 2)

World War Z

Coming next year.
And....they've already ruined it from what I've seen from the trailer.
Plus, 7 weeks of reshoots is never a good sign, that's essentially redoing the whole damned movie.

Rare is the great film that comes out of a car-wreck like that.

Just get the fucking audiobook production, folks.

Blaxploitation (see parts 1, 2)

Well, it's pretty much all about...

Black Dynamite

So, yeah, remember when I said "blaxploitation", needs to come back for the good of all humanity?

Well, turns out, it did.

Black Dynamite the animated series.

It uses every trope, every plot, every archetype, and every guest star that the old movies ever did.
It's a thing of beauty all on its own, but your enjoyment will be enhanced if you read up on, or watch some blaxploitation films.
Start with my reviews, and go from there.


Last time, I left out...

Real Steel

Which...was pretty well received for as silly as it looked.

Now, the new one that's got a pretty big hype around it, is....

Pacific Rim

Which, is a pretty generic sounding bland title for what amounts to Voltron, Tranzor Z, and Godzilla vs Megalon all rolled into one.

Nothing new on the Hercules front...Bruce Lee ain't likely to rise from the dead, no new saccharine religious stuff to ridicule, no movies about benevolent aliens that spring to mind...unless you count Superman, or Thor.

Um, "Expendables 2", already has paramilitary groups covered...

No movies where music is a superpower, no martial arts comedies (that I know of), nothing new out of Harry Potter....

Ah, I know!

Space spoofs.

Red Dwarf

...finally came back with season 10.

The Estrogen Brigade


The Millennium trilogy

Not brand new, but still beautiful, and recommended.

And...oh yeah, the American remake of "The Girl Who Played With Fire", is still on its way, but not for 2013.


Left her out last time....

Yeah...DC/Marvel haven't gotten their shit together for a good standalone superheroine flick the past couple years...'ve got....

Iron-Man II/Avengers

...which had Black Widow.

..and, DC had....

The Dark Knight Rises

...which had Catwoman.

And, "Justice League", will no doubt have Wonder Woman.

But...yeah, no standalones.
You have to tread out into the world of thrillers and mysteries for the good titular chick heroes.
Damnedest thing.

Wonder if "Ant Man", will have Wasp.

Well, Alice from "Resident Evil", marches ever onward.

And "Evil Dead", remake looks like it'll have a chick-Ash.
But...we'll see.

And, let's not forget Ellen Page in both "Super", and "Hard Candy".


Nothing new in schlock cinema that looks like a new classic...the only new superhero TV show on the horizon is the Whedon "S.H.E.I.L.D.", show.
Covered that in "Avengers".

Yep, I think that's everything.
Everything new, anyway.

Up next, prequel stuff.

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