Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy (official) Mayan doomsday!

Whoops, called it a little early on New Years.

Man, that took forever to get here.

And....still alive.
Fuck you, everyone who got scared.
You're sheep, and I'm not going to even TRY to pretend not to despise you, and your little pea brains.

And, fuck you, Harold Camping, twice.

All. Fucking. YEAR. I had to hear this miserable bullshit.

Shows catered to it, movies catered to it, NASA had to take time out from real shit they were doing to debunk it.

Well, there, here it is.

Kill yourselves.
No...really...(Bene Gesserit echo voice)...kiiiill yourseeeelves.....*gunfire echoes across the planet*
There, that's done.
*Checks off chore list*

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Diacanu said...

Also, this.

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