Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry X-Mas!! Again!!


Christmas TWOOOOO!!!!!

Last year's.

And, now, the compilation....

Aaand, that one's so packed full of stuff, that's all ya need.

Now, back to my prezzies.....8-D


Hyla Tracy II said...


Hellooo . . . ?

(peeks around)

Sorry, don't mean to intrude . . . it's just been six whole days since this went up with no posts since, and I'm investigating concerns of a Hulk-induced coma . . .

{: `

Diacanu said...

*Sigh* no, internet was down.
Down to the fucking ground.

Just finally got fixed.

Hyla Tracy II said...


. . .

That it was fixed, I mean. Not that it was down. That super-sucked.

Welcome back to interwebs land!

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