Saturday, December 1, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 1, Superman

All right, so, it's December again.

November, I was fried on movie reviews after Halloween, and I vowed not to do anymore until next Halloween, but, I don't know what else to do, and I feel I could do some movies again.

So, here's my loophole.
I'll re-review last year's stuff, to see if I have any fresh new insights, or...if I just need to drop in new updates to things.

So, here's Superman again.

The Christopher Reeve ones.



Still fucking perfect.
Except for four.
And screw the rest of the world, I still like three.

The Brandon Routh one.

Same as last time.

The Henry Cavill one.

Still not out yet.
Seen the trailer...and bits of it, like where he seems to go through a phase of being a longshoreman with a beard, remind me of Gladiator.

That would actually be something, if they used Supes as a way to back-door in a Hugo Danner movie....

Superman: Brainiac Attacks

Still "meh".

The Batman Superman Movie

Still wonderful.

I just use my theory of "everything happened in the same timeline in an alternate-alternate timeline", to pretend it's Reeve Superman, and Bale Batman, and it's all one series.
Easier to arrange in the file cabinet that way.

Superman: Doomsday

Shit, I still gotta get this.

Also, if you somehow missed it, check out the Max Landis skit on the "Death Of Superman", arc.

Justice League: The New Frontier

I've had a year to mull it over, and I watched it again a few days ago, and...overrated.

Compared to the Justice League show, the characters felt very flat, and the tone was very glum, and bland.

Instead, either collect all the seasons of the show, or, if you want to confine yourself to "movies", get the premier of the show titled "Justice League: Secret Origins", and the one where they meet their version of the Legion Of Doom "Justice League: The Brave And The Bold", and the series finale "Justice League: Starcrossed".

Those play out as a nice quadrilogy along with "The Batman Superman Movie", especially when Joker comes back.

Superman/Batman duology.

I dig 'em both, but I prefer "Public Enemies", just a bit more, that one feels more like a proper Bats/Supes buddy-cop movie.

"Apocalypse", is more the new origin of Supergirl.

Anyway, both of these come in a budget saving 2-pack now.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Still great.
DC animated is on a pretty good winning streak so far.

All-Star Superman

Right, last time, I said I had to roll this one around in my head for awhile, so...I guess I had this sequel in the back of my mind all along after all.

Well, I have rolled it around, and decided it's wonderful.

I also dunno why it felt like my least favorite of that review batch at the time...
I was wrong.
"New Frontier", was the clunker.

Last time, I also compared it to "old reprint stuff from the 50's/60's I had as a kid".

Well, I was dumbing it down for any comic-illiterate friends of mine who might be reading.
But, why play coy anymore?
I've long since filled in the gaps of everyone's education, and the flick is a love-letter to Golden Age Superman.

Feels good to casually talk like a full-on comic geek again.

Justice League: Doom

Same appraisal as last time.

Superman vs. The Elite

Eh, would have been so-so as a two-parter of the show, it is, it's one of those ones you enjoy while you watch, but you forget it pretty quick after.
It hasn't stayed with me.

All the rest

Same as last time.

So, that's Superman re-appraised, up next, Batman.

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