Friday, December 21, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 3.5, DC (Part 2)

Um...okay, it's 1:00 am, and, I got no more songs left in me...let's...let's just do this...

The rest of DC.
Animated, that is.

Or, the leftover cartoons that aren't Superman, or Batman.

JLA, The Atom, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Teen Titans. (1967)

Part of "The Superman/Aquaman hour", see here.

The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show (1979)


The Plastic Man - Baby Plas Super Comedy Show (1980)

 ...they added fucking Plastic Baby, who was the worst brat in the history of cartoons.

Oh...terrible, worse than Scrappy-Doo, worse than Bat-Mite, worse than Jar-Jar, just...ugh....

I liked Plastic Man, and that little bastard ruined it.

Shazam! (1981) 

Part of "The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!".

It was Shazam, and...some other crap.

Swamp Thing (1991)

Yeah, this happened.
Can't believe it was that fucking long ago....

Here, have a shitty theme song.

So...that...mess...actually spawned some cool action figures.
The Swampy looked like his Moore/Totleben incarnation, very detailed, looked great.
I got him tucked away in a trunk somewhere.

And by way of proving "Justice League Unlimited", did indeed have every single hero in the DC universe, here's JLU Swampy in his cameo 15 years later.


Static Shock (2000)

Okay, Static started out as a Milestone character, but DC absorbed it, and, I talked about all that here.

So, the show starts out with Static referring to DC guys as fictional characters, but the DC buyout happened midway through, and then, DC guys started guesting as real characters.
(Among them, Supes, and Bats)

Anyway, Static is pretty much a teenage Black Lightning.

Eh, okay little show.

Lobo (2000)

An internet flash cartoon.
The site that hosted the original flash files is defunct, but you can watch converted episodes on Youtube.

They had over the top violence, just like the comics.
Fun stuff.

The Zeta Project (2001)

About an android who can hologram himself to look like a guy for his secret identity.
Think Iron Man, but with no one inside.

The girl is his...sidekick (?) I guess...and, in looking for screengrabs for, the fangirls really wanted them to hook up.

Anyway, this is set in the same universe/time period as "Batman Beyond".

Gotham Girls (2002)

Another internet flash cartoon.

It had Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Poison Ivy.
Later on, Batgirl joined in.

Eh, it was cute.
Same with Lobo, its old site is dead, but they're all Youtubed.

I think it had a spinoff comic for awhile.

Teen Titans (2003)

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven are the teammates.

Adapted very loosely from the comic of the 80's, and done anime style with lots of super-deformed comedy moments.

Eh, it's cute, I liked it okay.

It spawned a "meh", of a DVD movie.

Word is, in 2013, they're bringing it back with the old voice cast, but it's going to be ALL super-deformed/chibi style, and be the sitcom-y bits that happen at the base between adventures.

Title will be "Teen Titans Go!".

I'm...not exactly chomping at the bit for that nonsense....

Anyway, if I wanna see Teen Titans done well, there's always...

Young Justice (2010)

See here.

Green Lantern (2012)

The first CG DC show that I'm aware of.

Up next, is "Beware The Batman".

And, that's all of those.
Not many.
Everything else, the bulk of DC, was JLA-verse.

Up next, other stuff.

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