Sunday, December 2, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 2, Batman

All right, that was Superman, now...

Batman again.

The Adam West one.

Same as last time.

The Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney ones.

These were a dead end, and they haven't held up so well.
Especially in the face of the Nolan ones.

I naturally prefer the first two, and "Returns", is my favorite.

Still conflicted as to whether I should get the DVD set of these though.

Okay, WB's official line (of bullshit) on these fresh after "and Robin", was that they all represent different eras of the comic book.

Yeah, well, Nolan cherry picked from lots of source comics, and his didn't blow.
So, tell another one, WB.


Fucking epic.
Yeah, said it all here and here.

The Kevin Conroys

Same as last time.

The Batman vs Dracula

See here.
Forgot to mention, Spongebob is Penguin in this universe.
Oh, and it now comes on a 2-sided disk with "The Batman Superman Movie".

The Batman Superman movie

See here, and here.
And above, re: "The Batman vs. Dracula".

Justice League: The New Frontier

Also, not enough Batman.

Batman: Gotham Knight

Same as last time.
Plus, this comes in a 3-pack with "Under The Red Hood", and "Year One", now.
Which, is a fuckin' sweet marathon.

Superman/Batman duology.

See here, and here.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths


Batman: Under The Red hood

Okay, I noted in the comments section, how structurally, this resembles "Mask Of The Phantasm", but, they're distinct enough, and this one really is gorgeous.
Shit, I'd even put it up there with the "Dark Knight Returns", movie.

It is frustrating they brought Jason back....but the reenactment of "A Death In The Family", is worth it.
John Dimaggio (as Joker here) is our generation's Mel Blanc, he's just fucking great.

And, again, this is in that 3-pack.

Batman: Year One

Same gushing as last time, I guess.
And, again, it's in that 3-pack.
It's really fucking sweet.
I'm so fucking happy.

Justice League: Doom

See here.
Yeah, see? Didn't I say Kevin Conroy will never really quit Batman?
He came back for this, and he just spilled the beans recently that he recorded for the animated movie of "Flashpoint".

They gotta find a way to get Kevin Conroy and Adam West together.
Now that would be special.

The Dark Knight Returns

See here, and here.

Still waiting on part 2.
I dunno, the Nolans might even dwarf these....tough call.
No, part 2 has final Joker fight, and Batman vs Superman, you can't touch that.

And, speaking of that, in 2015, we'll finally see Batman and Superman meet in live-action on the big screen in the Justice League movie.

2015 is going to be an interesting year.
JLA, Avengers 2, Star Wars 7.
It's gonna be the biggest year in movies ever.
I wonder if our species will be able to handle it.

So, that's Batman.
Up next....the rest of DC.

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Diacanu said...

See my followup chapter on the Batman animated shows.

Kevin Conroy, and Adam West did indeed team up.
See "Batman: The Brave and The Bold".

I forgot about that.

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