Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Trek Two

All right, so that was Star Wars, now....

Star Trek again.

The Classic Movies

I dig 'em all.
I've even found myself warming up to 5.

Anniversaries this year (so far) include...

"Wrath Of Khan", turned 30.

The whole franchise turned 46.

"The Voyage Home", turned 26.

"The Undiscovered Country", turned 21.

"The Motion Picture", turned 33.

The Next-Gen Movies

Only good one was "First Contact".

And, on that score...

TNG turned 25.

"Generations", turned 18.

"First Contact", turned 16.

"Insurrection", turned 14. (Contains an expanded review)

"Nemesis", turned 10. (Ditto)

J.J. Abrams Trek

Star Trek (2009)

Yeah, I won't play coy like last time, I loved it.
Fuck the haters.

Also, see the expanded Nemesis review for a further breakdown.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Have a trailer!

Also, we still don't know who the villain is supposed to be.
He's supposed to be a TOS canon character.
Everyone is bouncing back and forth between Khan, and Gary Mitchell.

He's been called John Harrison, but everyone thinks it's a pseudonym.

We'll see....

And, that's it for Trek.
Everything rests on the J.J. movies.

No concrete word on Trek coming back to TV.
It has to someday.

TV is Trek's true home.
Let's face it.

Up next, miscellaneous.

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