Saturday, December 15, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 0, Prelude.

All righty, here's the last little bit of everything...


Well, since last time, this thing has become my friggin' Bible.

And, I updated it with a sequel with more research.

And, I'm totally getting the paperback, even though I've got it on my Kindle already.

But, other than that, nothing really new to report.
Except, that I keep seeing its influence in superhero stuff everywhere (see Hulk, and Superman for examples)

And, the more trailers I see for "The Man Of Steel", the more it seems to emulate the tone of this book.
Can't wait.

Now, for other 30's related stuff....

I love The 30's!!

Man...did I have trouble with this one recently.
Something about the way I've got the blog hacked to put in the "read more...", code conflicts with the builder tool for inserting Youtube vids, and if you edit after submission, the formatting collapses into one big mess, and you have to spend the next 4 hours rebuilding the damned thing.

I ain't touching this one anymore.
Don't like the font it got turned to?
Tough titty.


Tarzan (2013)

A CGI motion capture deal-y.
So, that's almost 15 years after the Disney one.

Oh, and John Carter was a disaster.


Fox is working on a reboot titled "Zorro Reborn", with this guy as Zorro.
No real poster yet, sorry....

Buck Rogers

Well, as already mentioned here, Frank Miller is going to write/direct the remake.

I dunno...given what he did in "Holy Terror", I not only expect him to bring back the racism of the old source material, but I wouldn't put it past him to just have Buck march onto a blank screen, and scream "CHIIIIIIINKSSS!!", for 90 minutes, or until until he goes hoarse.
Shit, Frank'd probably play him in that case.

...we'll see...


As mentioned here, there's going to be a CGI remake.

The Shadow

Sam Raimi tried to get a remake going, but it fell apart.

Dick Tracy

Beatty is still sitting on the rights.
The death watch continues.

The Lone Ranger (2013)

Yhep, a remake with Johnny Depp as Tonto is on its way.

Hard to imagine it generating more bad will than the 1981 one, but....who knows?

Flash Gordon

As mentioned here, they want to remake it.
But, it's been in development since 2010, so...I'll believe it when I see it.

The Phantom

A film titled "The Phantom: Legacy" , has been in development hell since 2008.
Man, said it before, something cursed about '08.


Has a new flick coming out!

I Love The 40's!!

Batman serials

I've seen a couple of these off Youtube...holy shit, they are racist.

And not cute "oh, grampa! You rascal!", racist, but gung-ho justifying Japanese internment racism.

And man, far away is the "ultimate ninja", Batman of the 90's/00's/10's.
This chubby dope can be taken out by two guys ganging up.

...I'd still like 'em in my collection for the history though.

Um...yeah, that's it for that one.
All the big 40's characters are still churning out movies today, and I covered them all.

The Silver Age

Justice League

Avengers put DC on suicide watch, and now that they've recovered, they're planning the big Justice League movie for 2015.

Hey, assholes, you had your chance before back in the 90's after "Batman & Robin", flopped, but you frittered it away.

You have paid, for your lack of vision.

Anyway, you wanna see the JLA have their origin right now, just rent/buy/Netflix/whatever "Justice League: Secret Origins".
It's all right there.
If DC/Warners had braincell one in their skulls, they'd just hand all control of the DC hero properties to Bruce Timm.
He's the only one who knows what the fuck he's doing.

And, that's it for Silver Age, the rest is Marvel guys I've already covered....

The Great Graphic Novels Of Western Civilization

Ugh, had the same problem with this one, as with "I Love The 30's".
What a nightmare.

....these are all slowly but surely being made into films.

Dare I dream of an Ambush Bug movie?
Dare Hyla dream of The Sandman?

Hey, who ever though DKR or Watchmen would be made?

Anything could happen.

Comic Documentaries

No word on any new ones.
Always keeping my ear out though....

Aaand, boom, that's everything on the big list, finished by day 15. idea what to do now....

Up next...dunno....

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