Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 5, The Hulk

Like I said last time....

Superman & Batman, Spider-Man & Hulk, Kermit & Fozzy, peanut butter & jelly....

So, yeah, here's Hulk again....

The Bixby/Ferrigno ones.

Same as last time.
Plus, I've been watching them again on Hulu, and they're still great.
And, this was Marvel's first big TV success.
They struggled for awhile after., unstoppable.

The Eric Bana one.

Same as last time again. can kinda make this work in continuity with the other one.
If you pretend the gamma ray chair is a failed cure, instead of what turned him, and that the reason he doesn't grow three sizes anymore, is Absorbing Man drained off his extra radiation.

Why would you want to keep this one?
Well, all the other heroes have some emotional backstory, but you don't quite get that in the Ed Norton one.
With this one, you get that Banner's emotional baggage comes from his psycho dad.

And, that gives another layer to the Banner/Stark friendship in Avengers, they both have daddy issues.

Yeah, this one is in my canon.

Oh, and, I also realized re-watching this...the bit with Nick Nolte psycho dad mutating himself with animal gene injections, and passing it to Bruce....that is SO much like Hugo Danner's origin.

And of course, comics Hulk always had Hugo's power levels, and Banner = Danner...
Eh? Eh?
*Nods and smirks*

The Ed Norton one.

Same as last time.
Also, see here.
This one tied it more in to that Banner's research was a botched re-creation of Captain America.
Then Avengers makes it explicit when Cap is briefed on the other Avengers.
And, that all still works with the Eric Bana Hulk.

The Avengers

See here.

"Puny god".

Fuck yeah, best movie Hulk ever.

The Animateds

See here.

The only good ones of a pretty abysmal lot.

They're going to try again in 2013 with another Iron Man, and an Iron Man/Hulk team-up movie.
Let's hope they've finally got their shit together.

If they haven't learned from the good live-action ones, they're blind, deaf, and dumb.

And, that's that.

Up next, The Avengers!

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