Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Star Wars Two

So, that about wraps it up for superheroes.

Star Wars again.

The Original Trilogy

Still great, even with Lucas's digital graffiti all over it.

The Prequel trilogy

Thank you, Red Letter Media for your antidote pills.

You saved us. You're heroes.

So, that cultural debacle is behind us, now it's all about....

The Sequel Trilogy!

See here.

So, wow, who knew?
Surely not me last year.

So, you'd have to have been under a rock to have missed it, but, I'm writing this all down as a time capsule for next year, so....

George Lucas sold Lucasfilm, and all its subsidiaries, including ILM, to Disney for 4.5 billion.
And, Lucas is retiring from show business forever.
And, he gave the 4.5 billion all away to charities.

Now, Disney needs to make a profit off that investment, so, they're going to crank out the sequel trilogy, one every two years, instead of one every three years as was the old tradition.

By the time the first one comes out, I'll be forty, and by the time the last one comes out, "The Phantom Menace", will be twenty.

But, after that, they're going to do like James Bond, and do them forever.
So, I literally won't live to see the end of it all.

Here's hoping they squeeze in an anime of The Thrawn Trilogy with the original cast as voices.
Better hurry up, they'll croak someday.

Anyhoo, here's the updates since that last announcement.

Michael Arndt, who wrote "Toy Story 3", and "Little Miss Sunshine", will write Episode 7.

Lawrance Kasdan who wrote "Empire", and "Jedi", will write and produce 8 and 9.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Billy Dee Williams have been rumored to be coming back, and have all showed interest in doing so.

I don't see how they could do it without them.
Episode 4 had Obi-Wan and Vader as the crossover guys, the torch needs to be passed.

Aaand...that's it so far, no director yet.

The pieces will no doubt tumble together over the next couple years.

Well, Unca' George was the culprit of the stinkitude of the prequels, with him gone, who knows?
They could actually be good.
I've actually started to kinda be excited.
I gotta go make some kids so I can take 'em.

Up next, Star Trek.

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