Monday, December 17, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 4.5, Spider-Man (Part 2)

All right, wasted yesterday, gotta get it back by doubling up today.

So...I thought about it, and figured, I made some mumblings in one of the comments sections last year about doing the animated shows, and never got to it, and got burnt out before I could, so...with some extra days to fill, why not take a crack at it?

At least, the DC/Marvels, anyway.

So, here's the Spider-Man shows.

Spider-Man (1967)

Yep, this is the one with the famous theme song.

Been used for the Macy's parade float, got snuck into one of the Toby MaGuire movies, got parodied in "The Simpsons Movie",

Spidey Super Stories (1974)

A series of shorts on "The Electric Company", running from '74 to '77.
This is the one I had as a real little kid.
Very strange, he never took off his mask, and never spoke, you had to learn to read his word balloons.
I never did. I was 2 fer chrissakes.

Anyway, enjoy one of those....hey, look! Morgan Freeman! No bullshit!
Well, see, there you go, Morgan Freeman has met Batman, and Spiderman.
More celebrity continuity glue.

Spider-Man (1981)

III kiiinda remember shifted over to "...And His Amazing Friends", pretty quick.

Wow....what a cool theme! Spidey always had the best themes.

And His Amazing Friends (1982)

Okay, this is the one I remember.

..hmm, yeah, I'm nostalgic for that one, but I think I dig the other theme better.
*Goes back, and listens to it again*

Spider-Man (1994)

All right, now we're into the 90's, and this was Spidey for my younger cousins.
...I watched it too.
Screw it, if it's good, I watch it.

Eh, I could take or leave that theme.
Show was fuckin' great though.
Every hero popped up in it, and they did almost every arc of the comics.

Spider-Man Unlimited (1999)

Ehh....don't remember catching this one...., club mix Spidey!
Tch...nope, doesn't ring a bell....

Spider-Man (2003)

I remember this one.
Loved it.
That early cel-shaded CGI look...I just really dig it, I want more shows to look like this.
It's mouth watering.

Anyway, this had another techno dance club theme.
A little angrier sounding than the other one, and painfully short.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

Mmm...totally missed this one....

Hmm...I like it...but..y' sounds like 90's garage band style.
That's what 90's Spidey should have had.

Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)

Aaand...missed this one too....

Okay, so, this has no opening theme, it just jumps right into the show, then, end credits go out with this head-banger deal.

So, that's the themes, and snippets of all of those.
Not much to report on the shows...they're...Spider-Man.

He does whatever a spider can.

The variations are minor.

Up next, Hulk shows.

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