Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 4, Spider-Man

All right, that's DC, now to the Marvel heavy-hitters....

Spider-Man again.

The Nick Hammond one

Same as last time.

The Tobey MaGuire ones

Yeah, ditto.

Okay, now we get to it...

The Amazing Spider-Man

Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media summed it up thusly.
"It fell flat on its fucking face!".

So, here's the breakdown I've heard from just about everybody online.

Weak Peter Parker.
Exuberant Spider-Man.
Denis Leary is good.
Rehashes the origin story of the first Tobey MaGuire one to the letter.
Crappy CG villain.
Stupid villain plot stolen from Joker in the first Michael Keaton Batman.
Ass handed to it by Avengers, and Dark Knight Rises.
Whole thing was a cynical cash grab by Sony, and they didn't try at all to hide it.

My verdict....
I'm in no hurry whatsoever to see it.
The Tobey MaGuires were good enough, leave it alone.
I'm sure there will be sequels.
Don't look for them to be better, the "Infestation", comics have shown me, if they can get away with lazy junk the first time, they sure as hell aren't going to try harder next time.
You're just gonna get 3 of this, and Spidey won't ever get to meet the Avengers.
And, you made that happen with your ticket and toy money, kids.

Up next- Hulk? Smash!

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