Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 11, All The Rest (Part 3)

Okay, back to these...

Other comic films, again....

Part 1

Heavy Metal

There's supposed to be a "remake", that's an anthology of all new stories, so, as far as I''m concerned, that makes it Heavy Metal 3.

By last report, Robert Rodriguez owned the movie rights as of 2011.

It's been bouncing around in Development Hell since '08, so...don't hold your breath.

Also, there was supposed to be a Captain Sternn movie, and...*checks the site*..oh, looks like there's progress!

Check out this promo reel!

Cool, thought it had been abandoned, the last update for awhile was like '07, or something, now, a flurry of activity!
Well, shit, looks like it's going to happen!
If that can get going, that brings new hope to Heavy Metal 3.

American Splendor

No new news, I...think there are some posthumous books of Harvey's coming out, not entirely sure....

Part 2

Men In Black

Part 3 came out this summer, and critics and fans lost their shit.
Apparently, it's the best of the three.
If the hype is legit.

Part 3

Sin City

Part 2, "A Dame To Kill For", is finally in production.

It'll...be interesting to see commentary and documentaries from the post-"Holy Terror", Frank Miller.
I'll be observing with great interest.

Tank Girl

My Lori Petty crush remains unrequited, and Rachel Talalay remains in suspended animation.

Tales From The Crypt: 
Demon Knight

Upgraded this to DVD fairly recently.

Um....didn't live up to my nostalgia.....

Weird Science

Still an American classic.
No plans to ruin it with a remake.
Stay safe, "Weird Science".

Cartoons to live action

Aeon Flux

Franchise is on ice.
Peter Chung has moved on.
The children have forgotten.
Goodbye, Aeon.
Well, we got the ultimate DVD collection of the show out of this, so, thanks Charlize.


I want to be Ray Walston Poopdeck Pappy when I get old.

By last report, Genndy Tartakovsky was set to direct the CGI reboot.

Wonder if Popeye'll sword-fight Bluto in Hell....
That'd be a heckuva ending for the kiddies....

Comic Strips to film

Addams Family

Tim Burton is going to do a stop-motion animated remake based on the comic strip versions of the characters.

Well....that's actually a natural, why did it take this long?

I mean, you could roll your eyes that Burton gets his gothy little mits all over stuff like this, but...who else do you want to do it, eh?
Chris Columbus?

Nope, this is Burton's forte, I got no complaints.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

See also, "I love the 30's".

Sss...ooo....Frank Miller's going to write and direct a remake with the folks he did "The Spirit", with...ooo, that's gonna hurt.

Movies From Toys

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

See my big 27th anniversary bash for everything GPK!

Michael Eisner is producing a CGI remake, and the director is...some guy from commercials.

Well, long as it's as sick as the cards, and they don't blunt anything down.
I think in 2012-13 we can finally get that done.

Masters Of The Universe

Another one with a remake in Development Hell since '08.

Dolph says he'd like to play King Randor.

I'll believe in this movie when it happens.

G.I. Joe

"G.I. Joe: Retaliation", is coming pretty soon.
It'll have Bruce Willis, and The Rock.

Raggedy Ann & Andy: 
A Musical Adventure

Still no DVD release.

The Christmas Toy

I almost threw this in last time, but, it didn't have a real life toy that went with it.
Well, neither did fucking "Small Soldiers", and that didn't stop me...

Anyway, this was "Toy Story", before "Toy Story".
Same plot of an old toy being ousted by a new toy, everything.
And, like "Toy Story 2 & 3", it'll make you bawl.
And, unlike Raggedy Ann, this is on DVD.
So, check it out.

Toy Story

No word on part 4, which is fine by me, 3 pretty much ended it.
Give it 20 years though, they'll remake it....

Video Games To Movies

Phew, it's a sad lot.....

The Last Starfighter

There was a sequel announced in '08, and it hasn't left "the development stage", since.

Man, there's a curse on anything thought up in '08....


See here.

Street Fighter

There's a live-action (?) series coming out in 2013 titled "Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist".

Mortal Kombat

A reboot of this is coming out sometime next year directed by a guy who made an internet fanfilm as a "proof of concept".


Resident Evil

Like I said last time, no signs of it ever stopping.

Video Games To Movies (Part 2)

*Scroll wheel, scroll wheel*

Garbage, all of it.

Oh, all right, there's talk of a Lara Croft reboot.
I don't care.

And, to complete this chapter, check out "Heroes Of Vidyah Games" ( 1, 2, 3, 4)

And, there, that's all of those.
And crammed into day 11.
So, plenty of elbow room for the rest of the month now....

Up next, Star Wars.

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