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Superheroes Two: Part 8.5, Marvel (Part 2)

All right, so, here's all the Marvels that aren't Spider-Man, or Hulk....

The Marvel Superheroes (1966)

See the song above.

Ran 5 days a week, a different hero every day.
Included were Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Sub-Mariner.

Done in a limited animated style...that would be called "motion comic", today.

Iron Man 

Iron Man (1966)

Opening notes of the old theme song were used as Tony Stark's ringtone in the 2008 Iron Man film.
See below.

Iron Man (1994)

Eh, I mostly never woke up in time on Saturdays to see this....but...I saw a couple of 'em, and liked what I saw.
It was better than no Iron Man, and showed promise...

And, of course, it had the Hulk on,...but I missed that one...

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009)

A cel-shaded CGI style, like the 2003 Spider-Man.

A weird alterni-verse, where Tony and his friends are re-cast as teenagers.

Never got into it.

Marvel Anime: Iron Man (2010)

I didn't get to see any of these anime versions, they were on G4...and, I always forget we have that.
It's like, in the two-hundreds somewhere....

Like the look of it though.
And, I like the idea of it. never know...."Witch Hunter Robin", had beautiful animation...and it was dull as dust.
I'd have to sit down, and watch it, and, I'm racing the clock here.
Lemme know in comments if it's worth a look.

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four (1967)

By Hanna-Barbera, so, while it had cheap animation, it was actually animation.

The New Fantastic Four (1978)

The title card said "The Fantastic Four", but, the narration said "The NEW Fantastic Four".

Had Herbie The Robot instead of Human Torch.

Why? Well...word has it, Human Torch was being optioned for a movie that never came through.

....I...have no idea how in the hell you could do a Torch movie without CGI, and in the 1970's.
Well,...neither did the movie-folk of the 70's, apparently, cuz, there was no movie.

And, I went through my early childhood thinking Fantastic Four was "the one with Herbie".

Heh, Herbie popped up in "Superhero Squad", though.
Man, they really DID have every character.

Fred & Barney Meet The Thing (1979)


Okay, first of all, Fred and Barney never did actually meet The Thing.
Unless, you count the doofy title animation.

It was just another one of these half-and-half shows.

Second....okay, Thing turns into a nerdy teenager, called Benjie Grimm, and Benjie turns into Thing by touching these two magic rings together, and chanting "Thing ring, do your thing!", and then, boulders fly at him, and assemble into The Thing.
Where his human body goes, I dunno.
This is obviously some weird alterni-verse, and I have no idea whatsoever why they did this.
Later on, Thing was replaced by The Shmoo.
I flew into a rage over this, as I recall.
70's Saturday animation was largely run by bastards.

I think "Robot Chicken", made fun of this.....

Fantastic Four (1994)

Just about the same time as the Fox Kids Spider-Man.

Never saw doesn't look like I missed much. theme sounds like "Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers".
Damn you, 90's.

Fantastic Four: 
World's Greatest Heroes (2006)

III...I think I saw some of this.

Like Iron Man, I totally missed the Hulk episode though....


X-Men (1988)

A failed pilot movie.

A.K.A "Pryde Of The X-Men".

Here, have another lousy theme song....

Yeesh, Tonka commercial.

A shame it flopped , the animation was fairly decent.
Story was okay, as I recall.
If a bit corny, and stilted.
I was game for the series that would have resulted.
...long as they changed up the song.

X-Men (1992)

Four years later, and they got their shit together.

This lasted for 5 seasons, and is fondly remembered by my generation.

Like Fox Kids Spider-Man, they really dug into the wealth of comics stories, and did just about all the arcs up 'til then.

X-Men: Evolution (2000)

Hung on for 4 seasons, just one less than 90's X-Men, and....I really liked what I saw of it.
Animation was an anime-ish style.
Characters were written well, it's pretty good.

I hear it's one of the outright beloved Marvel shows.

Wolverine and The X-Men (2009)

Fell apart over financing after only 2 seasons.

Had another Hulk cameo.

I never saw any of it.
Not even by accident.
Tch, ah, well.

Marvel Anime: Wolverine (2010)

Pretty much the same thing I said about the Iron Man anime.

Marvel Anime: X-Men (2011)


The Rest

Spider-Woman (1980)

Ahhh...Jessica Drew. *Cartoon hearts*

Possibly my favorite super heroine.

Dunno if it's the costume, the plucky personality, the humor, but...she really stood out for me.

Well...I always liked the way Marvel wrote their girls better.

But, yeah, we need Jessica back.
We just do.

Silver Surfer (1998)

Another one I missed....

What the hell was I doing in the 90's?
Oh, yeah, working.
Tch, idiot.

The Avengers: United They Stand (1999)

No Cap, Hulk, Shell-Head, Goldilocks, nobody.
All second-stringers.
It fell flat on its fucking face.

Superhero Squad (2009)

See here.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

See here.

See, 1999? This is what we wanted.

Black Panther (2010)

And, we're full-circle back to motion-comic style.

Fascinating doing these, how you can see the cycles happen in sped-up historical time.

And...I missed this, because it's on BET.
Even black people don't like BET.

Ah, well....

Marvel Anime: Blade (2011)

See the X-Men, Wolverine, and Iron Man animes.

And, the other Blades.

And, that's all those.

Man, Marvel really churned 'em out, huh?

Up tonight, to make up for the loss of yesterday, the rest of DC.

I lost yesterday, on...getting fried collecting the materials for this one. :P
Took all day, and I was burnt out by the time it came to post.

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