Monday, December 10, 2012

Superheroes Two: Part 10, All The Rest (Part 2)

Let's see if I can fly through these...

All the rest of all the rest again.
Last batch did part one, and its decimals, so....

Part 2

*Scroll wheel, scroll wheel*


Part 3

*Scroll wheel, scroll wheel*



I liked "Unbreakable".



...yeah, those were good, the rest, crap. new news on those.

Part 4

Okay, even mix of goodies and crap this time....

Hellboy II: The Golden Army go with Hellboy.


I liked this better fresh off of seeing it.
"Super", fucking destroys it.
"Super", has heart, this is just nasty.


It's had a year to buzz around in my head, and earn repeated viewings, and, I've long since decided it's one of my favorite movies of all time now.

It's vying for number one, and might just get it.

Oh, and James Gunn is going to direct "Guardians Of The Galaxy".
So, wow, can't wait for that!


Had a hard time after my first viewing deciding which was the better between "Super", and this.
"Super", hands fucking down.
But, this is a decent runner up.

Hero At Large

Pretty much said it all in the review.
If I was king of Earth, I'd re-release this to theaters to be the commentary on the new spate of hero flicks.

And, if I had Q powers, I'd make an Avengers out of Raincoat Man from "Unbreakable", Crimson Bolt and Boltie from "Super", Defendor, Captain Avenger from this, Ralph Hinkley from "Greatest American Hero",  and Captain Invincible from "The Return Of Captain Invincible".

The Greatest American Hero

Probably getting the boxed set of this for Christmas.

Buckaroo Banzai:
Across The 8th Dimension

Still no word on "Against The World Crime League".

Okay, on to...

Part 4.4

Lotta goodies in this one...

The Return Of Captain Invincible

Needs a "Rocky Horror", fan thing around it.

Big Trouble In Little China

Fuck yeah.

Remo Williams: 
The Adventure Begins

What iiiifff? What iiiif you've fooound you've maaaaade a mistaaaaake?
What iiiifff? What iiiif it's woooorth the chaaaaaances you're taaaaakiiiing?

Okay, maybe Jack, and Buckaroo, and Remo should be in my fantasy Avengers team too....

Then, I'd make another Avengers out of these guys....

...and put 'em up against the greatest horror monsters.
I'd throw Ash in there, of course.
And Reggie.

And then, all that's left of this entry is....

Flash Gordon

They want to remake this.


Tron Duology

...soon to be a quadrilogy.

Part 4.5

The Wraith

Yeah, he goes in my Dream Avengers too.
Hmm, I think I'd end up splitting them into east-coast and west-coast teams.

Part 4.6

Um...said everything in that one, and there's no new news, or insights....


There's going to be a sequel to the "Fright Night", remake, aaannd...part 3 of the "Shaun Of The Dead", "Hot Fuzz", trilogy will be "The World's End".

And, there miiiiight be a Hellboy 3, but, don't hold your breath.

And, there was supposed to be an animated Vampire Hunter D 3, but that seems to have fizzled, now, they want to do a live-action one with the guys who did the Resident Evils.
So....don't hold out hopes of that being too spectacular.

And, Evil Dead remake is around the bend, and it looks like Ash is a chick.

And, speaking of chick-Ashes, the Resident Evils show no signs of ever stopping.

And, no word on a Prometheus sequel, so, we may not ever see another adventure of Lisbeth-Ripley.

And...Freddy franchise looks to be stopped dead in its tracks after the shitty remake, even though it made a mint.

Okay, I think that's it....

Oh, more...

Part 5

The Incredibles

No word on a  sequel, but we all keep begging for it.

And, that's all  the goodies out of that batch!

Up next, Other Comic Films.

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