Saturday, February 11, 2017

The shit on my walls (Part 20).

Part 19.

And it's a true sequel to 19 because....


I already had Ghostbusters 1 &2, I bumped them back up to where they were, and threw out the horror documentary mosaics. I took down the Weathervane menu* and replaced it with Ghostbusters The Video Game, replaced Ghostbusters (2016) with the one that says "Answer The Call", and surrounded it with Ghostbusters Get Real**, and Ghostbusters 101***.
So, that's roughly chronologically****.

  • *They're out of business except for in Kittery@ and New Hampshire. :-(
  • ** Which I happily got the graphic novel to yesterday. :-D
  • *** Which I'm currently awaiting with as much excitement as Answer The Call.
  • **** So, GB1 happens in 1984 in real time, GB2 happens in 1989 in real time, GBTVG happens in a  fictional 1991, and all the comics happen in a fictional 1993-1994. GBATC happens in 2016 in real time, but because of the timewarp crossover with GB101, it technically comes before. GBGR happens before GB101, and came out in 2015 before GBATC came out in real time, so I put it before that. SO, if we accept that these adventures are retroactively going back to the 90's, while I was languishing in depression and boredom in those times, there were lost Ghostbusters sequels I couldn't see because of the Temporal Prime Directive. Heh, I kinda like that. Also, by the time Extreme Ghostbusters came out in 1997 in real time#, all this stuff had happened.
  • @Which may as well be New Hampshire. :-(
  • #Shit, I have to remember, September 1st is the 20th anniversary!!

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