Monday, August 19, 2013

Superheroes 2.5: Part 4- Kick-Ass 2.

Well, it's hard to impossible for me to be objective about this one, but...fuck it, I fucking love it.

It's not doing great at the box-office, critics are being bitches, but, fuck it/them.
It's SO going in the collection.
The second it hits.

Okay, here's the flashback to my re-review of Kick-Ass 1.

Pretty much that, and with this one, we get more of it.
More heroes, more bad guys, more fights.

This was finally the summer movie that gave me the BIG buzz walking out of the theater.
This one talked right to my fucking heart.
That's why it's hard to be objective.

Pretty much everything the critics find repellent, and morally upsetting about these characters, is what I fucking love.
It's really that basic.
Fuck you people.
I have no use at all for normality, conformity, and banality, every line about being your true self, and on and on, spoke right to me.
Loved it all.
I am the fucking the nut they made this movie for.
The one you're afraid will see this, I'm that guy.
I say that with no shame.
Fuck you.

And...interestingly, that takes us to Jim Carrey.
Fuck him for pussing out on this flick, and washing his hands of it, I'd respect him more if he gave the money back, or away.
But, he kept the fucking dough, so, fuck him, and his phony-liberal bullshit.

So, seeing this flick will spite him, so, there's that, and he's actually pretty great in it.
I can't fault his performance.
He doesn't take it over the top at all, like in "The Mask", or "Batman Forever", he's just right.
You can tolerate him.

But, let's stop dancing around, the real reason to see this, is Hit-Girl.
She's the star of both of these.
We wanna see where she is in her personal development.
We wanna see her kill bad guys.
Well, she's fucking great.
We get waylaid for a bit with her trying to "fit in", but don't worry, that goes away, and we're finally delivered the goods.
And you know it's coming, so that's not spoilers.
Come on, the ads give it away.
Oh, yeah, right, no, Mindy is gonna be in her pink backpack for the whole movie, come on.

Hit-Girl vs Mother Russia?
Best hero/villain fight of the summer.
Most emotionally satisfying.

Gotta say though, good as this is, my favorite "normal people as superheroes", movie is still "Super".

But, I do admire the balls on this one.

The very very ending seems like it's trying to play it safe, and tell you "normal life is the right path", but...bullshit.
That's shit the producers HAD to do, or get in trouble.

Well...the whole movie goes back and forth on that one.
So, either they're trying to eat their cake, and have it too, or they're "leaving me the viewer to make up my own mind".
Well, I'm the fucking writer of Jade-Shade, guess where I went?

Ehh...I can't think of a bullet-point list for this one, so, I'm breaking format.
What the Hell.

Does it have its flaws?
Did I give a fuck?
Obviously not.

Um, yeah, so if you at all liked the first one, I'd totally recommend this.

If you're not into superheroes, or think they should solely be for kids, this isn't going to bring you around.

If you're offended by violence and language...get the fuck off my blog.
Fuck are you even doing here?

Soooo, I thought I was gonna be done after this one, but "The World's End", is calling out to me.
So, guess I'm seeing that too.
And, that'll make the summer recap a nice even number.
So, look forward to one more of these.


Diacanu said...

Ope, forgot to mention, stay after the credits!

Paladin said...

Caught this one yesterday. While not the ground-breaker the first was, I enjoyed it. It was another episode of a series with characters I enjoy following. Mother Russia was a very cool villain and the climactic fight with Hit Girl--such an odd pairing!--was pretty great. I also enjoyed Jim Carrey's decidedly non-whacky Colonel Stars and Stripes; his character didn't play out anything like I thought it would, and he gave the film an odd sort of morality and a little poignance.

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