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Happy 1st anniversary, The Continued Adventures Of Harry Hembock (on KINDLE!)

The original release.

Order here!

More recap.

On top of the Kindle release of book 2, it's the year anniversary of the two month anniversary of my first attempt to upload book 1 on Kindle.
Told that story here.
So, here we are.

So....ranted about life, ranted about tech stuff, how about we combine the books and life.
Looking back, have I lived my life by Harry's example?

Funny thing, when I dug these babies out of the dusty clutter pile to publish, and read 'em all for the first time in a few years, I almost choked up a little, and said to myself "fuck...Harry KNEW!".

And by that, I meant "Harry", as in, the part of my brain that became Harry in my fugue state while drawing.
And by "knew", I meant, knew the bullshit I thought I was learning in my supposed adulthood.
Harry fucking knew it already, and he tried to tell me.

I got knocked off my horse in a few spots, people tried to cram their bullshit into my head, and pour their elixirs down my gullet, but the person who came out the other end knowing for sure it was all bullshit...was already in those pages.

Shoulda just stuck to Harry like a fuckin' Bible, man.

So, here's some of Harry's wisdom.

1. Stand up for yourself. Don't take their shit.

This seems so basic, but it's amazing just how much shit people will fucking take.
The petty little abuses in their daily lives, and the big tyrannical shit coming down from the upper 1%.
Fuck these people, they're all out for themselves, and they want to snuff out your light to make their dim dumbass selves look brighter.

Don't. Take. Their. Shit.

I really try to abide by this one, I don't always succeed, and I kick myself when I don't, and try to fix it.
Hanover, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart was me taking shit.
Never again.

2. "Law and order", and justice are often miles apart, and the former isn't your friend.

Well, I never forget this one.
Whether it's watching the news, or my neighbor starting his trillionth backyard garbage inferno without a permit, flaunting that we can't do anything, because his cousins have all butt-fucked their way into local government, I'm always full aware, that cops are largely a goon squad of the state, protecting the 1% from street crime, and the yuppies and their minivan hellspawn from having to look at hobos.
It's just this game society plays.
And it's a lame bureaucratic game, like Yahtzee, and Stratego.
It's not even fun.

If a "good cop", has helped you, that's a freak mutation.
And they still serve a corrupted system.

3. Fuck letting others think for you.

Oh, sure, fuck religion, I had that nailed back in the 90's, that even more shames me about my couple-year Deist phase.

But fuck all the brain-washers.
Fuck TV telling you who your heroes ought to be, just so they can tear these assholes down when they fuck a nanny, fuck TV telling you who's good at playing make-believe, fuck Hollywood movies, and their fake evil version of romance, fuck sitcom writers, and their greeting card pearls of wisdom, fuck the government's account of things, they lie like a sheet, fuck it all.
You know how you feel.
You know what's fucking irritating.
Don't get peer pressured into thinking annoying stupid bullshit is "just something we've got to go along with".
Especially to keep fair weather friends.
Any time there's a boat everyone's getting on, you probably ought not.

And if the cattle get indignant?
See #1.

This one chooses me, I can't go along, I'm not wired for it.
But I have had my shameful periods where I let this make me feel guilty.
Even times where I actually thought it was something wrong with me.
If I could have avoided those years of self-inflicted misery....*sad head shake*

Well, I still let guilt and uncertainty creep in sometimes.
Happened in my "Pacific Rim", review.
No, fuck that.
Fuck "Pacific Rim", in the ear.
Del Toro is a sellout multi-millionaire playing with rich boy toys.
When you become a multi-millionaire, you don't get to be "hip", anymore.
Talking to you especially, Zach Galifianakis.
This sick country has to stop coveting the doodads of their oppressors.
It really is the American disease.
But that's another rant.

4. The music industry is another source of bullshit. See #3.

Nuff said.

5. The prison system is a nightmare where civilization fucking ends. See #2.

Nuff said.

6. And you know what? Let's just throw the courts in there with #5 and #2.

Nuff said.

7. Relationships ain't what they're cracked up to be. Tread carefully.

Holy SHIT have I ever bungled this one over the years.

I really have come to conclude that full-bore romantic infatuation is a fucking medical condition.
People who enter into this state really need to try to hold that in their mind.
Hell, it can even fucking KILL you.
Look at "Romeo & Juliet". Fucking dead.
This has to be taken more seriously, and not shrugged off.
Society just giggles over the whole mess.
"Ohhh howw sweeet".

8. Push the boundaries, and damn the naysayers.

There you go, you get that one for free, without having to sit through the fucking Steve Jobs movie.

9. Magic is bullshit. Also, see #3.

On its face, sure, but it isn't just magicians.
Psychics, fortune tellers, UFO "experts", "Crypto-zoologists", it's all scams, it's all a magic act, it all ought to be booed off the stage.

10. Big business is bullshit. See #9.

Fuck "big", anything, really.
When anything gets "big", it's not about what it's about anymore.

Look at professional sports.
It's grown-ass steroided men playing a children's game, and the corporations are all out to get their slice of it come Superbowl night, and it's just this big, disgusting, diarrhea, bukakke, and blood mess out of "The Aristocrats".

Well, that's big business in a nutshell, and the financial collapse of '09 should have been a hard enough punch in the face to wake you up.

"Too big to fail", was a legalized jack of the country, you all just sat back and took it, violating rule #1, and...yet, crooks in suits is still this country's vision of "success".

And I'M the one that's gotta "grow up"?
I don't think so.
I think there's some fairy tales you people seriously have to snap out of.
Before it kills your fucking ass.

Nope, all the economic theory from professors, all the fancy equations, come '09, it was all a lie, and it really was all "smartsy-fartsy, smartsy-fartsy, jargon, jargon, jargon".
Sounded good, empty of meaning.
And the bullshit artists knew it.
It was a magic trick.
You fucking, fucking, suckers.

Just wait until those "collateralized debt obligations", explode in your faces.

11. The presidency isn't all that it's cracked up to be either. See #9 and #10.

Jesus, do you realize, there used to be a time in this country, where people used to dream of their kids becoming president?
And kids wanted to be president to please their parents?
I mean, really, president was considered like, the highest human type.
Like, something to ASPIRE to.
How utterly disgusting.

This is just left over evolutionary hierarchical bullshit from our chimpanzee cousins.

12. Y'know what? Be GLAD religion is bullshit. See #3 and #9.

Cuz it would be SO fuckin' silly if it weren't.

13. Live your dream. Cuz there's really fucking nothing else. See #1, #3, and #8.

See here for the whole Jo-Jo strip.

I think I've lived my life by that one.
I let myself get waylaid by external jackassery, and some of my own bad choices, but all that was delays, I never really took outright wrong paths that led me completely away from what I wanted to do.
I haven't lived a false life of unhealthy compromise.
Yeah, I think I'm pretty good on this one.
I could always be better, but overall, no regret.

14. All emperors are naked, and all rule is petty. See #2, #3, #5, #6, #10, #11, and #12.

The whole Edward Snowden soap opera ought to be making that clear.

15. All evil destroys itself in the long run.

It really can't help itself.
It's the greed, and the caprice.
No matter how "logical", these fuckers try to be, their crimes are driven by lusts, and passion always bites you in the ass.
Mankind canNOT control that fucking flame.

And, I'm really glad evil doesn't learn that lesson.
The faster they flame out, the faster the scumbags are gone.

I enjoyed every dot-com collapse in the 90's, and don't worry, the "too big to fail", fuckos will get theirs.

It's all just bad weather.

Well, there, that's just out of books 1&2.
Maybe I'll do a sequel for 3&4.

And, I'm even more proud of these books.
Buy 'em. ;-)

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Diacanu said...

Oh, additional to #10.

It's not just the big crimes of big business, it's the whole deal of, you can't get there by being you.

That's the brainwashing aspect of the accompanying Harry strip.

In fact, make that rule 10.5, and another additional to rule #3.

Fuck anything where you can't get there by being you.

They spend so much time drilling "be yourself", into you as a kid, and then when you grow up, no one wants YOU, they want what they can reprogram you INTO.

Assholes on Cracked, and other places, will try to tell you "fuck with being yourself!! You have to surviiiiive!".

No, fuck you.
Survival isn't living.
And it's this chickenshit knuckling under, that's how we ended up with all these mindless assholes in the first place that are ruining everything.

There was a line from "M.A.S.H", "if you're not where you are, you're nowhere".

Well, if you're not who you are, you're nobody.

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