Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy 1st anniversary, Harry Hembock Regurgitations!!

The original release.

Order here!

Even more recap.

So, I've ranted about life, tech stuff, listed the lessons the books teach, how about...the things Harry predicted!

1. Real Doll

Ah, but anyone could guess something like that was on the horizon.

2. Stem cell cures.

Well, we're not at THAT level yet, but stay tuned!

3. The decay of the record industry.

Nuff said.

4. The Bush presidency.

Nuff said!

5. Cloning.


6. Ebay.

Damned straight.

7. Bender.

Bite Jo-Jo's shiny metal ass, Matt Groening.

8. Bayformers.


9. World Of Warcraft.

It has exactly this impact on people's lives.

10. A generation of young men absolutely destroyed by rap culture.

No, really, just throw them in the rubbish, they're ruined.

11. The diabetes epidemic.

Didn't have to be Kreskin for that one.

12. The decay of media.

Except Rupert Murdoch played the role of Harry in the real life re-enactment of that scene.

13. Iraq.

And it was exactly this dumb.

14. The entire godawful "Fast and Furious", franchise.

There you go, you've just seen all of them.
Take the money I just saved you, and buy "Harry Hembock Regurgitations"!

15. Google.

Suck on that, Nostradamus.

16. GMO crops.

Damned skippy.

17. Internet porn.

See #1.

18. Channel drift.

Who knew?
Harry did!

19. Amazon.

Well....close enough.

20. Harry being scanned in for these books, and for this very post to exist.

Again, close enough.

21. Sci-Fi Channel's transformation into "SyFy".

I really, really, REALLY hate this ghost shit.

22. The poisoning of our food system, and the failure/implosion of consumerism in general.

That there is worth a million angry hippie text blog entries.

23. Similar to #22, plus, the whole drug ads on TV, "put everyone on dope", culture.

Ditto #22.

Not bad for a little pompadoured maniac.
Like I said last time, Harry fucking KNEW!

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