Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy 1st anniversary, Harry Hembock Classics (the KINDLE book!)

The original release.

Order here!

Recap again.

So, yeah, as said in the original release, I had a helluva time, indeed, a nightmare of a time figuring out how to get a Kindle book formatted and uploaded properly.

I did everything that made logical sense as far as PDF converting, and all that, but when I uploaded to Amazon, the pages were all tilted sideways, and cut up like they'd been through a shredder.
It was an abortion, so I took it down, until I could fix it.
Amazon gave me no help, and I even went so far as to E-mail several comic book companies who e-published to ask for assistance on how they did it.
Only one got back to me, Devil's Due, and their response was kind of a cordial brush off, but at least they answered. That was cool of them, anyway.
But see? I was busting my ass on this thing.
I ain't askeered.

I figured it out myself, but It took tinkering the Amazon Kindle converter to bejeezus, and that utility itself is buried in their fuckin' site, and has no tutorials for graphic novels.

I think they want you to pay somebody to do it for you, or something.
Or else, to fucking give up.
Well, I cracked it.
They don't make it easy, but it's doable.
Barely. Jayzus. one's bought the fuckin' things.
*Mumble grumble*
It ain't the money, I want people to give the art a chance.
They look good, even on the cheapest crappiest Kindle. I busted my rump, and strained my eyeballs to make sure it was so.

Sooo, BUY the fuckin' thing!
I dunno, maybe I'm supposed to be more shameless, and plaster the internet with banners, and shit.
Sorry, I'm not an extroverted kinda guy...*shrug*

Um...can't think of anything philosophical to rant about here that I didn't cover in the book 2 anniversary, or on my birthday.

Read those, if ya haven't.
They say it all, really.

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