Monday, August 26, 2013

Even more Batman/Superman news.

Last time.

So, we've got Superman, Batman, now Lex Luthor is...*drumroll*

(Throws up a "read more", shield)

Fucking Heisenberg.

So, doesn't matter what you think of Affleck, this movie instantly got fucking awesome.

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Paladin said...

I am so happy right now, it is unbelievable. Cranston would be far and away my first choice, but I figured "Nah, that can't happen." On the negative side: expectations for the next film just escalated dramatically. On the positive side: I think this team can deliver. Oh, and note that Cranston is contracted for SIX (and apparently optioned for FOUR additional) appearances in DC films. This says DC has got a grand franchise strategy and that Lex Luthor will be a big part of it. Someone just dumped a whole truckload of awesome on us...

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