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Grand Unification Theory (Part 8)

Damn, two weeks I let these get away from me this time...

I gotta just hurry up, and get these the fuck over with...

So, last time, hammered out the overall outline of the timeline of fiction-land.

So, here's the general history of fiction-land...

Event one-

The birth of the universe spawns the life essences known as Primus, and Unicron.
The siblings immediately begin to spat.

Somehow, also, Galactus is there.

Kajillion BC-

Second generation stars, and planets begin to form, Primus and Unicron possess, and Genesis-wave, and become the planets Unicron, and Cybertron.

Cybertron/Primus spawns a form of cybernetic life that reproduces by budding, which would become known as The Swarm.
The Swarm vacates Cybertron, second pass at Cybertronian life gives rise to The Quintessons, who later create The Transformers.

Quintessons somehow are involved with enhancing Unicron, and leading to his wave of planetary destruction.
In later accounts, they will mistakenly remember creating him from scratch for some reason.

Primus's spark becomes The Allspark, also known as The Matrix, the wellspring of lifeforce for all Transformers.

It's not known how, or by whom, but an object is constructed as a conduit of Matrix/Allspark energies, and becomes variously known as The Matrix, The Matrix Of Leadership, and The Creation Matrix.
This becomes a weapon against Unicron.

This object would be passed from Autobot leader, to Autobot leader, and would retain their memories, and thus retain a historical archive of the history of the Transformers race.

A glitch in this record causes a different record of the origins of Cybertron.

Sometime in this vast ocean of history, The Old Ones evolve/are born.
They give rise to Deadites, Dream Demons, etc, etc.

Half-a-kajillion BC-

The race that would become known as The Engineers seeds planet Earth with life.

The race that would become known as The Preservers...also seeds Earth with life.

(From TNG's "the chase", and the implications of TOS's "the paradise syndrome")

(Since there was already grass and stuff on primeval Earth in "Prometheus", I'm going with that Preservers beat Engineers there, and probably even seeded the Engineer's planet)

The Vok, an evolutionary descendant of The Swarm, infused with Matrix energies, timewarped from the future, plays an unknown role in human evolution.

(The implication seems to me...if humans are Vok influenced, then, humans have sparks, sparks are souls, The Allspark is Heaven, Primus is God, Unicron is Satan, and Autobots and Decepticons are demons and angels)

3 million BC-

The Ark spacecraft crash lands on Earth. The Autobots and Decepticons on board go into an internally imposed stasis.

Maximals and Predacons timewarped from the future crash land on Earth, take on animal forms, discover Vok technology, The Ark, make it back to the future.

150,000 BC-

The Galactica survivors arrive on Earth, further influence human evolution.

(Due to Primus/Vok/Maximals, the cycle of robots, biology, robots, biology had already been running well ahead of the whole Galactica-verse dealie, and indeed, Galactica-verse could be an amnesiac sliver off of that)

(And, if this is so, then, Primus is the long sought after "God", of the Cylon religion)

27 BC- 


35 AD-

Space-Jesus nailed to a stick, Engineers get pissed, get ready to genocide the human race.
Their plan fucks up a bit.

36 AD to the 1930's-

Ancient legends.

Classical literature. (see League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

The Golden age.


More golden age, and WWII.

1950's to 1970-

The Silver Age.


First superhero inter-company crossovers.

"The Evil Dead", occurs.

(Theoretically, given that ED2 immediately follows, and AOD is seemingly but a few days after Ash makes it back home, and to S-Mart, the whole trilogy happens here)


Volcano eruption revives The Autobots and Decepticons in The Ark, Transformers "Generation One", begins.

Spider-man meets The Transformers.

The events of "The Terminator", occur.

"A Nightmare On Elm Street", occurs.


Predator films, T2 occur.

Various superhero crossovers with Terminator, Predator, and Aliens.

The rest of the "A Nightmare On Elm Street", series.

The accounts of "Evil Dead 2", and "Army Of Darkness", revealed.


More superhero/monster crossovers.

The events of T3, opening scenes of T4.

"Sarah Conner Chronicles", creates an alternate timeline.

"Freddy vs. Jason", occurs.

AVP duology.

The events of "Transformers The Movie", occur, Unicron destroyed by The Matrix. (2005)

"Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator".

Events of "Sarah Conner Chronicles", occur.

"Freddy Vs. Jason vs. Ash".



Due to the actions of Omni Consumer Products, Cyberdine Systems, and Weyland Utani, the human, robot, human cycle begins repeating again on Earth.
Cyborgs and androids proliferate.


WWIII, rebuilding years, crypto-Terminators disappear among the human populace.

Warp/hyperdrive invented. ("ST: First Contact")


22nd century-



"Aliens", "Alien 3".

Alien vs Predator (comics)

23rd century-

"Star Trek" (TOS, TAS, movies 1-6, opening of "Generations")

24th century-

"Star Trek" (modern era, TNG, DS9, VOY, movies 7-10)

Human/robot cycle continues, Soong-type androids invented.
Soong-androids/sentient holograms gain human rights.

25th century-

Beast Wars (?)
Beast Machines (?)

Human/robot cycle continues in the form of Cybertronian reformat, rebirthing all Transformer sparks as organoids with Earth DNA as the template.

26th century-

"Alien Resurrection".

"Aliens vs. Predator vs. Terminator".

29th century-

VOY- "Relativity".

Temporal Cold War shenanigans.

100th century, and beyond-

Human/robot cycle culminates in The Butlerian Jihad.

"Dune" cycle, various Dr. Who episodes, heat death of the universe.

(In some timelines, a big-crunch, and rebirth. In one such universe, Galactus poops himself through the time-barrier).

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